Deirdre of the Sorrows - King of Cups


underestimated. He may well appear to be the easiest going of all the Kings, but that should not be misinterpreted as a sign of weakness.
Due to his kindly nature, he will be wise counsel in cases of uncertainty, but may soften the blow when a direct approach is called for. Due to his loving nature, he will not be a natural fighter, and will instead avoid conflict where possible.
Thus if met with ‘naughty’ children he will ask his wife to be the disciplinarian, not wanting to see them upset in any way.
All in all, a person who will be gentle when offering counsel, but will also have a wise head on his shoulders – therefore what he says will have credibility.

The clasp of his cloak is something musicians would associate as being a G-clef. What does this signify to you? Is he an admirer of the arts, particularly music? How does this fit in with his personality?
To the right of the card, in front of the fountain we also see a lantern. This symbol has appeared before, most notably with the Fool. In this case it is a peripheral item barely noticeable in front of the fountain. What does it signify to you? How does that relate to your current situation?

If this King has come into your life in a romantic sense, he will openly display his affections. He is also quite sensitive to the dynamics of a relationship, so be observant of his moods – they will be a good indication of how he feels the relationship is developing. If he is there to offer support, take heart from the fact he will offer this unconditionally. He may not be able to of practical help in the way other Kings would be, but the emotional support he could offer is worth its weight in gold.