Deirdre of the Sorrows - King of Wands


Out of all the Kings we have seen so far, the King of Wands is the one who appears to be very down to earth and practically minded. His physique and strong, hard stare really does support the statement made regarding his prowess and strength. His throne is not made of gold, but is in fact fashioned from the wands signifying his suit. I would not be at all surprised to learn that he had created it himself.
He has hung his red cloak over one support of his throne. The bee styled clasp is fairly discreet, but if you look carefully you can make out the shape and readily identify it as being this creature. We have already seen a bee appear on a previous card. Yet again it will signify energy and his hard working nature. Royal jelly is a valued commodity from this tiny winged being, renown for its healing and nourishment. In fact it is used to feed all the larvae in the hive including those who are destined to become workers. The larvae destined to become queen will only feed off of royal jelly in the first few days. How does the clasp reflect the personality and character traits of this particular King? If considering the relationship he has with the Queen of Wands, what would the dynamics within the partnership be like?

As Deirdre has pointed out, this King also has read hair, reminding us that he may be quick to lose his temper or patience. It may be kept under control for most of the time, but we may find he is a natural fighter, and has therefore found an outlet for this energy. If ever a King of the tarot was testosterone driven, it is most definitely the King of Wands. He is down to earth, and would not really associate with people who are full of themselves – he would not have time for the narcissist types at all.

If you ever wanted someone on your side to help get a task done, he would be your guy. Having said that, he would expect anyone to pull their weight, and may show some of that impatience if he felt others were not doing their fair share, or were not up to scratch. If he were to be in a management position, he would lead by example, and would not expect others to do anything he was not prepared to do himself.

With regards other items in the card we see he has some empty bowls under his throne. They display the Roman numerals of 2, 7 and 8. What do they represent and why? Are they linked to the numerology system, or are they symbolic of Major Arcana cards?

What is the reason for the colourfully plumaged bird behind him? The bird is quite happy to be near a human, and does not appear at all afraid. It is looking towards the right of the card. Is there something out of our eye line of significance? Or is it an indication of something that may be coming into play? (Neighbouring cards may shed further light).