Deirdre of the Sorrows - Knight of Coins


This knight is very different to that portrayed on the suit of swords. He is calmer, and not focussed on taking up a battle or arms. Certainly his physique does show is enjoying the finer points of life – possibly a little too much at times :) . We could not imagine the Knight of Swords showing this lack of self- discipline, yet we can see there is a lot more here which is of relevance.

The horse is a large Shire horse – the gentle giant of the horse world. My grandparents used them to till the land, and it is sad to see with the onset of modern technology their role has diminished. He has forgone a saddle, using a golden fleece instead. We so see some rather sharp looking spurs, but my gut feeling is that he rarely has to use them. The horse will be quite temperate and responsive to gentle persuasion. They are there I believe as a gentle reminder to show us who is actually in charge here, but that power may not need to be used. Does this show that you can regain a sense of control without the need to impose yourself on others?
We see has halted his journey temporarily, and is gazing at the large disc in the sky, the disc reminiscent of the sun. The sky to the left is rather dark with grey clouds dominating that part of the skyline.
The flowers in the foreground are wild growing, very different to the cultivated plants we have seen in previous card. The whole feel of the card is that of nature at one with the knight, and the knight at one with nature.

Deirdre has given a very eloquent interpretation for this card, and there is not a great deal I need to add by way of insight.

He certainly does appear very focussed on the disc in the sky. Has he been through some hardship, whereby he can now focus on the positive as it reveals itself in its full glory? (As depicted by the grey clouds moving to the left). Or could it show that the clouds are in fact coming into to play, thus indicating he may need to ride out a difficult time, but should not lose focus on the positive – the grey clouds will eventually pass, once again revealing the gold disc in the sky.
Whatever scenario you feel is appropriate, he has his feet firmly on the ground and I believe he will be fully prepared and not at all unsettled by events unfolding. Even the horse underneath him does not look as though it is about to startle. A good, down to earth approach being shown here. You just know you can rely on this Knight should you need some guidance with your home life or finances. He will give serious thought before giving his insight.
With regards the spurs, it could show that you need to give yourself a bit of a nudge to get moving again. It is okay to take stock of situations, but there does come a time where you need to then bring about some movement in order to progress. In other words, don’t just stand there gazing at the disc – move yourself and go and get it!

This really does indicate stability and support. His strength is apparent, yet understated. He does not need to flex his muscles to prove his worth, but will show what he is capable of day after day. Thus reliability is also represented. Are you in need of this in your life right now? If it is something beyond you at the moment, who can you call on who may be able to offer these skills?
If you associate with the horse, how would you want to respond should the spurs be used? Do you feel that you are always carrying someone? If so, how does the relationship benefit you? Benefit the pair of you as a unit?

With regards the wild flowers, I believe they show a natural sense of harmony, one that does not have to be cultivated in order to flourish. Therefore this character does not offer his advice with any ulterior motive. He is just being himself, in his own way and probably in his own time.