Deirdre of the Sorrows - Knight of Swords


As soon as you set eyes on this card it is possible to feel positive and uplifted, that anything is now possible.
You really do believe nothing is going to get in his way, his determination shining through as clearly as his armour shines in the sun.

Unusually I want to start with the background here, particularly with what appears to be a mountain below him and the horse. We know horses cannot fly, so we certainly need to understand what this is possibly symbolising. In my mind it shows that any obstacle we believe is too large or too daunting can be cleared if only we hold onto our self -belief. In this card the horse is clearing the summit with ease. Therefore we can take heart that the issue we feel we are facing is not as daunting as it would seem. We may need to take a run up to clear it, but it can be overcome. Once we have done this, we may find ourselves looking back and chiding ourselves for doubting this could ever be the case.

The Knight on the back of the horse certainly has faith in the ability of the animal beneath him. If you notice, he does have hold of the reins but is not having to exert any control over the horse. On one hand it can show trust and faith, but on the other hand it could also act as a warning not to go into something without first being prepared. Perhaps some slight over confidence? If that horse does decide to take off, or follow a different course, are you confident enough you have the reflexes to take back that control? If you look at the horse again, her head is turned to the right. Has she seen something we are not aware of? Or does it indicate she may be distracted from the task at hand? The energy of this card overall is positive, but the other cards in the vicinity may indicate if there is a warning that needs to be heeded.

When looking at this with regards the traditional meaning associated with the Knight of Swords, we do get a feeling that he is ready to do battle, and if this relates to a communication issue, he may not have any thoughts of being sensitive or tactful. Sometimes this is needed. I am sure we have all been in a situation whereby the other party does not take subtle hints, or maybe they have refused to listen. If this the case, the Knight could indicate there is a need to get to the point. However, it could also indicate something slightly different – that you yourself are guilty of being less than tactful. A sense of speaking without necessarily thinking things through. The Knight is young and still relatively inexperienced in the matters of the battle or communication but one thing is certain – he will certainly give 100% and show no fear of repercussions.

In a reading:
I had this appear once with what the other party could bring to a relationship. Well, it was something that could excite or cause despair, depending on how adventurous you were! Certainly it indicated a very energetic character, and one who may well be quite talkative. However this was also accompanied by a sense of unpredictability. This person can be fun to be around, but could also invite trouble without realising it. They would be relatively fearless, and in that respect would have no qualms about holding their own in a debate.