Deirdre of the Sorrows - Knight of Wands


The knights are the warriors of the tarot deck, each personality full of energy and vigour within their particular suit. If you had every Knight on your side in a battle situation, you would appreciate the skills they possess as individuals for any given situation.
The Knight of Wands exudes an air of strength and self-confidence, but is not overt about it. We cannot see his face or subsequent expression, but his naked torso and tattooed back tell us he follows his own path, and would not really be too bothered about what others think. The tattoo is obviously something he is proud of, and would take any opportunity to display it to the world. His stature/build is one of lean muscle. He may not appear to be particularly strong, but that misconception could lead to you being taken completely by surprise should you dare to challenge him physically.

He appears to have a tight rein on the horse, using just one hand. Yet another indication that he is in tune with his own strength, and knows he does not need the use of both hands in order to steer the horse in any given direction. The horse has its head turned to one side, its ears pricked and alert. The free flowing mane tells us it is not just the rider who is a free spirit – the horse also has a focussed and intense personality. In that respect both rider and horse compliment each other very well.

The tattoo itself is that of Archangel Michael, the angel we associate with protection and justice. Is this why he has spurned the use of armour? Does he choose to have faith in his own spirituality to protect him from any potential threat or harm? If this is the case, how does this relate to your current situation? Where are you looking to achieve a sense of protection, and what it is it you feel threatened by?

Across the front of the horse we see he has a pair of drums. They could be used to beat out a rhythm. What would that rhythm be, and why would he feel this is necessary?

On the other side of a small stretch of water (possibly a stream) we see a goat has its attention turned towards our night. They appear to be looking at each other, but it is questionable if they actually see each other. What does the goat represent in this scenario? How does that fit in with your current situation?

Although both rider and horse appear to be moving sedately, there is an underlying feeling they could both take off at great speed with next to no warning. He is more alert to changes than first appears. Just take a look at the horse. If there is anything on the horizon that needs to be reacted to, the horse will pick this up in an instant, thus preparing the Knight for swift movement or action.

Deirdre has given an indication as to how this Knight could come across within a relationship dynamic. I see this Knight as being a gentleman who would be very protective, but if not controlled, that protective nature could become stifling. He may be a little jealous if attention is given to his partner, and in that respect tension could develop. That protective nature could easily spill over into possessiveness. He would not shy away from new experiences, and if travel was on the cards, be prepared to be taken to places you would never have dreamed of. He may not be the sort to sit on a beach day in day out, so you may find yourself in a new and exciting place for each day of your journey. The more daring the challenge, the more likely he is to embrace it.