Deirdre of the Sorrows - Nine of Swords


When I first saw this card I had a mental flashback to when I was a child living with my grandparents. I remember as a 5 year old running downstairs screaming that there was a monster under my bed. My Grandad fetched the torch and went up to investigate for me. He reassured me there was nothing there, and I went back to bed safe in the knowledge he had a look to make sure there was nothing lurking in wait. I think most of us have gone through times where we thought there was something waiting in the darkness for us, and pulled the duvet that bit higher over ourselves as we wished sleep would come quickly. Yet in the morning, with the comfort of daylight to rid the shadows, we realise how foolish we have been. We tell ourselves that monsters don’t exist, and do a good job of convincing ourselves – until night time returns and our imaginations again creep up and over ride any rationality we had built up during the day.

As with the previous card of this suit, there is some colour in the form of the bedding and flowers. Why is this the only part of the card to show colour – what could it mean? The bedclothes do not look dishevelled in any way. Therefore there is no indication she has been tossing and turning etc. From this state, I am assuming she has not yet been asleep, so it is not likely she has had a troubled dream wake her up. If this is the case, her mental state may actually prevent her from falling asleep in the first place. This could lead to a catch 22 situation, whereby lack of sleep can make us more prone to being out of sorts. The more out of sorts we are, the more irrational we can become, and so a downward spiral could start. If you identify with this, what could you do to break that cycle, and thus achieve a period of restful sleep? The woman is sitting up in bed her eyes reluctantly drawn to something that is outside of the card. Yet the real issue of her nightmare is actually on the floor by the bed. Could this indicate there is something that could catch her unawares, particularly if she is jumpy at every sound or shadow? Or does it show she has really let her imagination run wild somewhat and is in danger of losing true perspective?
On the table we see a book with positive and negative symbols on the spine. What could this indicate about the contents? How would the contents relate to your thoughts or situation at this moment in time?
The vase by the bed looks rather forlorn. It holds only 3 flowers which all look as though they are in their last days or have been neglected. Has her mind been elsewhere, whereby she has forgotten to keep them watered? Or are these the only three remaining flowers from a bunch which has previously been vased?

The other form in the picture is that of the troll. Notice its tongue and long/sharp nails. It looks as though it is about to touch the woman. Is there a troll in your life which could be holding you back? Can you think of anything you are worrying about unnecessarily?