Deirdre of the Sorrows - Nine of Wands


What makes this card different, is the absence of any swirling angry water. Quite often the presence of this maelstrom could cause a sinking feeling for the person receiving the reading – it detracted from the positives. They often would fail to see the calm water, and instead would focus on the waves, even though the waves were behind them, indicating they had come through a difficult period. In this case we do not have that presence, therefore we are able to see ahead as opposed to what has gone before.

In line with traditional imagery, we see a boatman about to moor his craft, having navigated his way to safety between 9 staffs. His clothing and way he is dressed with that clothing does lead us to believe he has been at sea for some time. This is not a pleasure boat trip he has undertaken. In addition we do not see any sign of land behind him. Yet another indication he has been at sea over a period of time. Once again we have no sign of oars or other steering device. How has he managed to get this far unaided?

Quite rightly, Deirdre has pointed out that you are nearly there. Regardless of what has gone before, the difficulties you have faced, your focus should be on the immediate future. The end really is in sight, and may require just one final push or focus. The sun is coming out from behind the cloud, thus supporting the message of the card. Things may have appeared a bit gloomy, but there is a change coming into play, with warmer/brighter times indicated.

I would also go as far as to say that you may have more than one attempt to really “get there”. The sea is very calm, so should our mariner miss with his first attempt at mooring, he should still be in position to have another go. If the sea had been choppy, I would have warned that you may only get the one attempt, but in this case the signs are good.
Interestingly, it looks as though he could have got a little closer though before attempting the mooring. He is still some way from dockside. Could this show that you are reaching for something that you think is not quite within reach, yet if you thought it through, you could actually achieve your goal without having to stretch for it? Surely if he had gotten a little closer, he would have increased his chance of catching the capstan at his first attempt?
In this respect, he may have made life a little more difficult for himself than it needed to be.

What does the ! symbol represent? How does it apply to your current situation?

Overall, this card is one that should help raise spirits, particularly if you feel tired or lethargic. The going may have been long or tough, but you are close to coming through this with the opportunity to recharge your batteries and move forward.