Deirdre of the Sorrows - Page of Wands


Almost every tarot deck based on the tradition of the RWS will associate this page with the delivery of good news. Frustratingly though, there will often be no indication of this news within the card imagery. Our Page has an envelope in his hand, thus conveying overtly the fact you may be receiving correspondence or news, and going by his demeanour – it will be something that is welcomed.

He has a grin which is almost reaching from ear to ear, wearing a white shirt, trousers and shoes. He has obviously made the effort to dress smartly for the occasion, forgoing the trainers and T shirt often associated with his age group, but rather quaintly he has not tucked his shirt in correctly. His hat and jacket match, albeit the hat is rather flamboyant.
In his other hand we see a staff being held aloft, his thumb pointing upwards along the shaft.

The flowers behind him are roses. To his right (our left) they are yellow, with the other side the array being a vibrant red. On the ground by his foot we see a ring of marigolds.
Now, at first glance you may think that is all there is to this card, but take a closer look. See that wee creature on the stem of one of the roses? Could it be a tiny mouse? If so what is it doing in our scene, and how is its presence relevant to your situation?

Okay, so how does this tell us about the possibility of some communication coming our way?
Well the envelope is prominent. We can only see the back, so have no idea of who it is addressed to. Has it been hand delivered, or sent via postal service? Are the contents formal in nature or informal? It really could be either. The fact he is dressed formally could be indicative, but there again his hair is long and tousled, and we do see his shirt has not been tucked in. this could indicate the latter. Whatever scenario applies, take a look at his thumbs up. Deirdre has already indicated this is a good sign.

The ring of marigolds is an interesting inclusion. I have done a little research to try and understand its relevance. It appears marigolds have plenty of symbolic attributes including happiness, creativity and passion. There you go – further confirmation that all is okay.

I have to confess, out of all the Pages, the Page of Wands is the one I have a soft spot for. He is the one who is full of life and energy, and reminds me of what it is like to be a child again, finding excitement in each new experience. They have not yet got to the stage where they experience fear or uncertainty. How wonderful is that. In addition, their faces are a joy when it comes to occasions such as birthdays. How many of us can remember waking up on our birthday and camping by the front door as we wait with exquisite anticipation for those cards to arrive? Although we are assuming this envelope is for us, what about considering something else…. it could be the page who is the recipient? If that is the case, his thumbs up is telling us it was received safely.