Deirdre of the Sorrows - Seven of Coins


In traditional decks, this has had a variety of interpretations associated with it, perhaps more so than any other card. I have seen key words assigned as being patience, choice, more work needed, dilemmas etc. It is interesting to note this card has led to many scholars and students disagreeing on what is the right interpretation.
I will use the card imagery and Deirdre’s thoughts to elaborate on how it applies to this particular deck.

The card shows a farmer sitting on a three-legged stool milking a cow. However the milk appears to be flowing even though he is not actually massaging the teats, the milk flowing through his fingers into the bucket below. His head is turned away from the cow, and if we look closely, the cow seems to be looking in at the same thing as the farmer. Whatever has caught their attention appears to be outside of the card and therefore out of eyeshot.
In addition to the interpretation given by Deirdre, it can show a level of complacency is setting in. The farmer would have gone through this many, many times to the extent he feels he can milk the cow without having to look at what he is doing. He is going purely on instinct backed up by previous experience. Can this signify you have attained a level of ability whereby it is now second nature to you? Or could it show that there is a danger of becoming complacent? The cow looks amiable enough, but should it decide to kick a rear leg, what would happen to the bucket?
The cow has its tail rigid and away from its body. Can we read anything by this body language?
Also, what can we assume from the fact the milk is flowing freely? Does it show that we have to be careful not to let something precious slip through our fingers? Or does it show you have thought ahead and have taken precautions to prevent the loss of such a precious commodity?

There are some interesting symbols within this card. Each may mean something different to each of us, but these are my thoughts accordingly:
** The telescope.
Usually utilised to see detail in objects far away. Can this show that you need to take a closer look at something that may appear on the horizon in the not too distant future? If so, how does that relate to what the farmer/you are doing right now?
** Stopwatch
Are you against a time constraint of sorts? If so, do you feel you are on schedule? If not, what does this card indicate you may need to consider?
** Butterfly net
This makes me visualise childhood summer days where we feel we are able to catch these wonderfully colourful yet elusive creatures. I can never remember actually succeeding, but many an hour was spent flitting between plants as I tried to capture that special insect. Does this show you need to capture the moment before it slips through your fingers, never to be retrieved again? Or could it show what you are trying to capture may actually be elusive?
** Pair of dice
This may show there is an element of chance at play. It is down to you to decide whether you gamble and take that risk, or play it safe. In this case the top two numbers add up to 6. Is this a number you feel shows the risk is worth taking, or is it something you feel may go against you?
You may well have a lot to lose, and perhaps a lot to gain. Other cards you’re your own intuition may show which way is advisable.
** Shaking hands
Will you benefit by going into a partnership of sorts as opposed to going it alone? Or could this show a deal being made, a contract being agreed? Certainly another person or parties may be relevant to what is being undertaken or considered.
** Rossette
Not quite the medal we saw in the previous card, but it does show recognition of sorts. Whereas a medal may indicate personal achievement, rosettes are usually associated with prizes given to animals or livestock. This may therefore be linked to the cow as opposed to the farmer. If so, what could it signify with your current situation?
** Cogs
Cogs have appeared on a previous card, but in this case they display numbers as opposed to monetary symbols. All three numbers are odd numbers. What do they relate to? (In the Major Arcana we would be seeing The Empress, The Chariot and the Hermit – are these significant on a subconscious level?) Cogs indicate movement of an industrial nature. If they are not oiled or maintained, the failure of one can have a knock on effect on everything else in the sequence. What do the cogs mean to you in conjunction with this card?

Certainly a lot to consider, and when reading back over these notes it is clear there is no defining message or advice. There is a lot if diversity by way of meaning and symbolism, which takes me back to my opening statement. This card has a certain amount of fluidity to it, and its interpretation can be applied in different ways to different situations.
One or more of the symbols utilised can really show the permutations possible are quite varied.


ADDITIONAL FROM DEIRDRE (Creator of the deck)

By goodness in trying to simplify the card I appear to have caused a great deal of confusion.

OK, first thing we notice is that this is a coin therefore we are likely to be looking at money or daily job/work. Second thing to notice is that the number of the card is seven, an uneven number, also quite a high number so the matter should not be treated lightly. Sevens also indicates a cross-roads which means a decision has to be made. Before we begin to interpret this card on its own - as you know its significance will alter slightly depending on its place in a spread - let us take a look at the querent's character.

Why did I use a farmer, besides the obvious fact that I live in a farming community. Well farmers are hardworking, responsible self-reliant individuals. The nature of their work means that they are also gamblers, when planting crops they are dependent on the vagaries of the weather. Caring for livestock can throw up all sorts of challenges, price of feed, health and market fluctuations. They know that their success is very much dependent on hard work and buckets of luck and yet they persist year in and year out never knowing whether or not they will have a good year or a bad year.

What does this mean regarding the querent? It means they have all these wonderful qualities and they are not going to fall at the first hurdle. However, they are at a cross-roads and a difficult decision must be made - do they continue as they are or do they start something new. Unsurprisingly that question has surfaced for some farmers who come for readings - some of them are switching to biofuels crops - apparently bigger subsidies (bit mistake I think - but then what do I know). Will this venture be a success - yes provided they continue to work hard and have endless patience - impatience leads to imprudent actions which in turn leads to unwise investments and loss of money (reversed card).

So the querent needs to take stock of their situation and in order to do that they need to take a breather. Will their action require they make lifestyle changes - look to other cards for clarification. The other cards should tell you whether or not they will regret letting this opportunity slip through their fingers.

Their intuitive powers are good but are they good at this time - you will need the 9 of Cups and the Wheel of Fortune before you can give them a resounding yes. Be cautious if the 2 of Swords, two or three 7s, Moon etc. accompany this card - they will need to consider the matter carefully before making a change.

I would advise any reader to take three deep breaths and relax before drawing cards even when drawing cards for their own readings.

I hope this clarifies aspects of the 7 of Coins. You are on the right track with the items in the coins just tweak them a little and they will make more sense particularly in a live reading.