Deirdre of the Sorrows - Seven of Wands


Quite often the 7’s do not show a lot of movement or energy, often being linked with the issue of choices or options. It was interesting to read this was the card Deirdre had a temporary ‘block’ with. I have actually studied the cards in reverse order, so at the time of typing, I only had 8 cards to interpret. My journey had taken some time, and the experience had produced both ups and downs along the way. Some days the words flowed as if taking a life force of their own. Other days the message of the card was hitting too close to home and was difficult for me to confront.
At this stage I feel as though I am in the home stretch. The 6 of wands has really given me the spurt of energy I need in order to finish the initial period of study with a buzz.

We have seen previous cards indicate a challenge is ahead, and this card is no exception. We are not fully aware what form that challenge may take, but the issue of preparation is vital. The card is quite stark in both imagery and energy. The tree is devoid of leaves, the landscape bare and uninviting.
At first glance that barrier of staffs looks quite daunting. It is not one that can be leapt over, nor are the gaps large enough to climb through. We cannot see the other edge of the card, so are not able to see if it can be circumvented.
If this represents a problem you believe you face, how daunting does it appear? What is on the other side of this problem? What would you hope to achieve should you be able to deal with it satisfactorily?
You are shown alone in this card – is there help available to you from a source you perhaps haven’t considered as yet? Or is to be a personal journey for a reason?
The guy in the card is obviously considering his options. What would you be saying to him and why?
What do you make of the fact his shoelace is undone?
On the other side of the fence we see what appears to be a bowl with a star motif on the outside. What could this represent to you?
There is also a tiny set of scales. What are the balance of probabilities at the moment? In your favour or against you? The scales in the card are balanced, so there is a good chance you can weigh the scales in your favour if you think things through and take this issue one step at a time, and in a timely fashion.

There is also a large item on the ground in front of the gentleman, this side of his barrier. What is it and what does it represent?

There are decisions to be made here. One choice could be to turn back and admit defeat. The other is to rationalise the issue and consider how the issue could be tackled, looking at potential outcomes for each point of consideration. Whatever you do, please make sure you don’t trip at the first hurdle. He hasn’t even noticed his lace is undone. Preparation and a checklist might not go amiss!