Deirdre of the Sorrows - Six of Swords


This is the first of the swords we have seen which has an imagery of movement involved. Therefore some heart can be taken from its presence in a reading.
I do like the way Deirdre has chosen to leave the swords imbedded in the bank. It really does convey the issue of leaving an issue behind as you leave with the possibility for better times on the other side.
Will it be plain sailing though? I don’t think it will be. The boatman is working hard to move the boat towards the other shore, but take a look at the position of the sale – the wind may be working against him. If this is something you really do feel is important be aware that you may feel at times as though you are taking two steps forward and one step back. Progress may be frustratingly slow for you.
On the left of the boat (from the woman’s perspective) the water is bluer and choppier. I associate the left side with our emotions. Could this be a reflection of how you are feeling at the moment? Compare this to the calmer waters on the left. Have you been able to rationalise something, whereby your thoughts have become calmer as a result? Could this explain why she is removing her wedding ring? On one hand she has thought something through and is taking decisive action, yet emotionally she may still be in some turmoil. Certainly something that can be empathised with by those who have experienced the end of a long term or steady relationship. With her demeanour we can believe she is not about to converse with the boatman. She is contemplative, whereas he is allowing her the respect of silence. If you were to associate with the boatman, what do you think your role is? Yes you are helping her on her journey, but do you feel you play any other role? What words of wisdom would you offer, should she decide to discuss things with you?

We also see the ram, which has a hint of a red ribbon tied round its horn. It is focussing on the rougher waters. She has chosen to take this ram with her for when she makes a fresh start. What does the ram signify?

On the side of the boat we see what could have been considered as Roman numerals “TXIV”, yet T is not something associated with the Roman numeral system. We also see a wheel on the rear of the vessel. Is this a reminder of the wheel of Fortune, thus an indication fortunes have started to take a turn?

In the background we see some dark clouds to the left and what appears to be a church on the hill. Due to the fact I see objects to the left indicating the leaving of an energy etc, I would be pleased to see this as indicating some dark times are passing. With regards to the church, I believe this is a place of sanctuary for the woman. Once she arrives at its doors she may feel at last she is safe and protected as she contemplates what to do next.


TXIV... Temperance is number 14...?
This really puzzles me. In a nice creative way ;)