Deirdre of the Sorrows - Six of Wands


Well, if you feel life has been somewhat of a struggle of late, where you have doubted your chances of achieving your goals this card should go some way to alleviating those fears.
As we see, the jockey is about to cross the winning / finishing line, much to the delight of some of the crowd. (We can guess the others had not backed this particular horse, thus the dejected demeanours!)
Even though he only has yards to go, he is still giving 100%. This is something you may best heed. If you think you are home and dry, it is not advisable to let up off the gas pedal until you have actually passed the finish line – there is still potential to be over taken, or to be halted in your tracks. Notice how the jockey is looking backwards. This will be discussed shortly, but he is not leaving anything to chance. He wants to make sure that he has opened up enough of a gap whereby victory is guaranteed. The crowd are held back by the wands, so you should find that there is not likely to be any obstacle or impediment at this late stage.
So, having read this, are you still unsure, or do you need yet further confirmation that all is well, and you are very close to a successful completion of a project etc?
If you still have doubts, the only thing which could cause you to come unstuck is YOU! Have faith in yourself, in the same way the crowd had faith in you from the start. After all, if they didn’t believe you had ability to succeed they would not have backed you.

You may find that this card does go a little deeper, and each group of characters may be read in a different way, thus bringing about different energies or different interpretations. The card overall is positive, so some of what follows may only apply in certain situations, depending on the question being asked, where this appears in a spread, and the influence of surrounding cards etc.
As it is a positive card, let’s look at the cheering characters to start with. If you relate to these, it can show that you are doing well to encourage somebody who you have had a vested interest in. by being positive and supportive, you have allowed their self confidence to grow, whereby they are now on their way to achieving success. If you are a parent, and have a child who is experiencing aspects of growing up and are experiencing a certain stage of maturity, your support and enthusiasm will stand them in good stead in the long run.
With regards the other characters, I have already indicated their despair arises from the fact they had backed the wrong horse. However, their demeanour could also indicate other issues are relevant. For example, one guy seems to be lambasting the person next to him. Is he blaming him in some way? If you have been given advise which was not sound at the time, yet followed that advise, you may now be realising your mistake. If it was a genuine error on their part, put this down to experience, and learn from it. One guy has his head hung low. He may well have lost more than he could afford. What does this tell you about risks that are being taken? The cost if that risk does not work out in your favour?
Interestingly we see what appears to be a shepherd in one corner of the card, holding his crook whilst looking quite impassively at the scene in front of him. What does his presence signify to you? How does it relate to a current situation?

This has already been described in some depth. Don’t forget – in general it shows you are nearly there and should be proud of what you have done. The fact he is looking backwards could also reveal something different with certain situations. Can it show that there is a tendancy to keep looking backwards instead of focussing on the hear and now /the future? There does not seem to be any other horse within the immediate vicinity, so we can assume it is unlikely he will be passed at this late stage. What could be the reason he is looking backwards? What does that tell you about his level of confidence or self-belief? How does his posture, and the way he is leaning forward support this possibility? The horse has absolutely no doubt, and is looking straight ahead, ears semi-pricked. If you associate with the horse, it could show that you have kept your level of confidence when others around you have doubts. Stick to your guns and your beliefs – you should come of out the situation quite well. It may mean you have to carry others who are faltering but you have the strength of character to be able to do this. Therefore the team succeeds as well as you.