Deirdre of the Sorrows - Two of Cups


Here we see the initial energy of the ace of cups has moved into something a little more substantial. Still early days, but a bond is forming. Quite often traditional decks indicate the initial interest between two parties has progressed whereby the relationship has started to take form. There is still no indication of what is likely to be the long-term outcome, but if you are searching or wondering if you are likely to find someone right for you, this card does bode well.

The man and the woman are the main focus. He is standing very close to her, his head bowed slightly as if gently caressing her head with his own. His eyes are closed, his head turned so we only see him in profile.
She is looking directly out of the card at us, her eyes wide and alert, her mouth slightly open. In her hand we see a rolled up scroll, a question mark clearly defined. The only colour she is showing is in the form of a gold wedding ring.
So, what can we gleam from the two characters?
Well, her look could portray many different emotions. As already stated, in the main this is a positive card. We should not lose sight of this. However, there may be readings where it turns up in a position that indicates doubt, or it could even be reversed. If this were to occur, her expression could take us in a different direction.
Is she unsure of the path this relationship is taking? Is she questioning the level of commitment asked of her, as indicated by the scroll and her wedding band?
If there is an affair indicated, could it show she is torn emotionally as to what to do? This could also lead to the relevance of the scroll. It could indicate that it is not a marriage contract contained within, but in fact signifies divorce papers. Is she having second thoughts, and may want to give the relationship another chance?
There is not usually any negative connotation with this card, but her expression could show there is a question mark over it, and if this is the case, that question needs to be explored. Care and diplomacy need to be used when reading this card. If any area of a reading can be misread, it is often that of a relationship. We are not there to offer advice, but to just make people aware of what the energies of the card may signify. It is then up to the querant to make use of that information in a way they feel is appropriate. It would be so easy to jump in and speak of offers of marriage, but that could be taking us in an incorrect and subsequently, dangerous direction.
So, what can we say about the gentleman?
He may be totally oblivious to how she is feeling, thus his closed eyes. If he were to open them, what do you think he think he would be saying to the woman? What would her expression be telling him about her feelings for him? For the relationship in general? Sometimes it can show that “love is blind”. When we find ourselves totally immersed in the intensity of the feelings we experience, we lose objectivity, or perhaps miss some warning signs that the other party is not experiencing it in the same way.
If you associate with this gentleman, is there a situation you have misread?
Who would you say is the character most immersed in the energies of the relationship? What makes you think this?

Well, having taken a precautionary look at the card as well as the positive aspects, we are reminded that there is still a lot going for this couple. The gold of the cups as well as her wedding band brings about brightness to what could otherwise be a grey card. The two cups are tipped towards each other, the liquid contained mingling as it flows towards the greenery. This could be seen in a sexual context as replicating the exchange and mingling of bodily fluids. Or it could be seen to indicate the meeting of and merging of compatible energies. The energies are definitely in tune with each other, and are showing the relationship as flourishing in the form of the rose blooming to the left of the card.

The tiny terrier is interesting. Is it there to protect our couple from outside influences or interference? Does the rocky outcrop at the top of the hill remind us that it is not always likely to be a bed of roses – that at times the relationship may be rocky? If this is the case, a stable relationship can overcome such eventualities. Thus the rock should be seen as being a surmountable problem, and one that can only act to make the relationship stronger in the long run.