Deirdre of the Sorrows - Two of Swords


This card certainly does bring about an image of being caught in a stale mate situation. There is no movement, but if there is to be progress something or someone must give.

Both characters are in an “on guard” stance, with both ready to react instinctively should the other make a move. However, it appears neither is prepared to make that move in case they leave themselves vulnerable, thus the stalemate. However, depending on your situation and emotional state, it could be possible to associate one as being in an aggressive stance and the other taking a defensive stance. If this is how you associate the characters, which do you associate with and why? Both are wearing the colours we see on a chessboard. However, if we took it slightly deeper, we may inadvertently associate each of the characters with how “goodies and baddies” are portrayed in some aspects of the media. For example, when stereotyping in films, the “baddie” would often be wearing black. If this was a thought you had, how does it affect how you see the roles of the characters? Which do you associate with and why? Who may represent the other party in your life and why?
We do see the crossed swords which Deirdre has indicated means a crossroads of sorts has been reached. It can also indicate you have crossed swords with somebody, and there may be a need for one of the parties to appease the situation by lowering their sword. However if both parties feel they are in the right, this situation could go on for some time.

The stretch of water appears calm, but we are under no illusion it is totally safe. The jagged rocks remind us that calm can come out of this situation, but it may not be easy – there is always potential for stress to rear itself, possibly when we least expect it.
Deirdre has said the sun is rising, yet the moon has not quite left the sky. If read as such, you can take heart – the sun will lighten the situation, or make the way forward that bit clearer. This can also be looked at in reverse: I could also see this as the sun setting. If this is the case, we may be reminded to not let the sun set on an argument – try to deal with it and start the day anew instead of carrying over hurts and harsh words. My Grandparents lived by this philosophy and had many happy years of marriage. I have already explained how I see the storm clouds in a previous card. If you see objects to the right as being in the future, it could indicate this stalemate situation could worsen if positive action or communication does not take place. If you see this as a signifier of the past, the issue may well be in its final stages. Look to see what the new day could bring.