Demons, Protection, Love


Let me start by giving a bit of background to this. A woman I know contacted me to have a conversation about esoteric things, and started to tell me some 'weird' experiences she had. At first it was innocent enough, with her 'asking' a sign from the universe, and receiving it in some form. Then it got scary for her, when at one point she got scars on her arms out of nowhere. She also said she had sleeping problems.

She says she 'stopped engaging' with it and 'stopped thinking', and these things stopped too, more or less.

She's not Christian, but I know that Christianity has descriptions like this which basically correspond to possessions by 'demons'. I have very limited knowledge or experience in these matters.

I do 'believe' that there are spirits that are troublemakers, that harass humans, because I have close friends who have experienced this since they were young. They've never harmed them physically though.

I've never seen, or felt, any of these 'evil' beings. (Except once, but it was remnants of human energy.) All my experiences with presences and spirits have been positive, receiving of an almost unbelievable, pure love. I've felt and said before that I think I've been protected from these beings by something, maybe all my life.

I decided to ask the cards what this something that was protecting me was. I used the Psychic Tarot Oracle for the Heart.

The cards were: 4, Heart Chakra and 7, Move.

The 'Move' card has a heart on it, and two hands cupped under. It's a very loving card. It didn't really make sense to me, even though I guess it does make sense in a way? I'm protected by love. It's a simple, elegant answer, and no wonder it makes me dissatisfied.

So I asked again, 'who/what loves me?' and got 3 (Mental), Sadness and Isolation.

??? The image on the card is that of a person reaching out to the sky, while his alter-ego is crouching in the darkness. I guess it's about the reaching out to a higher power when you have nothing else. So whatever or whoever it is is part of this higher power, like god, something people pray to and yearn for.

Or, I don't know, it loves me because I've been sad? I'm a bit at a loss.

I'd like to know what your thoughts are. Not just about the spread/cards, but about everything. How do you understand demons, and protection? I feel like I don't really understand protection from spirit beings either; every time I've used crystals for that purpose it was to prevent human energies from interfering with me. But then I haven't indulged in any serious magic either.

Thank you for reading, much love.