Designing an Outdoor Sacred Space....


I need some help.... and inspiration...

I have long wanted an outdoor area to be a sacred indoor outdoor space.. I just don't know how to proceed.. too many ideas and not enough!! I have a young lad to help me right now with any building needed, and he is here until end of November.

I would really appreciate any links or photo's or ideas to anything like this. I will try and take photo's of where I want it to be. There may be a problem with guttering or water drainage..will have to work that out!! This guy is a roofer though so he should be helpful there.

Thanks so much....


The sacred space you create will, I imagine, greatly depend on your beliefs and what the space is to be used for.

Do you use or need an altar?
Do you want an area for a fire pit, is that part of your regular practice?
Will this be for personal use or groups?

Everywhere is sacred, one of the problems with contemporary society is that we don't see or appreciate the sacredness of all things but I know what you mean about creating a specific focus for outdoor worship.

Perhaps writing a list of what you like and what you perceive the area to be used for could point you in the right direction.



Thanks Milfoil... I knew I had seen a thread somewhere but couldn't track it down!!

I wanted my space to be somewhere I can go to read and be at peace... but close enough to the house if I need to be.... and yet with a totally different feel.

I do want a fire of some kind and I do have altars scattered around, so yes there would be something like that....

Going to the thread!!