detail or color?


Great that you are on your way then!
WillieHewes: That's what I was going to suggest! It is such a huge job, you want to be really happy and really enjoy the technique you are using to sustain the whole thing... :D I would say, go for the one you enjoy most!!!


I would have to admit that drawing comes more natural to me and that the job would be finished much sooner that way.. But If I think about what attracts me in a tarot deck, I would have to admit that color plays a big part. So I'm going to draw the drafts, scan and safe them, and then paint over the draft to see what effect that might give.
Thanks again for the advise. I guess I'm just insecure because I've never done anything like it, I haven't used my creative skills for years and I really really want it to be perfect.


a supporting deck creation idea

Best of luck in the continuing work on your deck! I wish you well.


I personally think you're worrying too much about its finished appearance though!! It strikes me that you're getting all tense and anxious about what it'll be like when it's complete, even before you begin, and I think I know from experience what that attitude will get you: dissatisfaction. Anything less or anything different than the perfection you envisioned will be painful to you, I'd guess.
Here's my suggestion: keep a special sketchbook for your Tarot ideas. In it, place whatever helps you toward that cherished goal of the finished deck: your drawings of course, plus whatever notes to yourself you want to include, maybe some collage or paint colors. You never know when the angels of Tarot inspiration will whisper quietly behind your ear, hoping you will hear and understand, and if you're ready with your book to 'take dictation', as it were, you can retain the ideas for the times when you're ready to sit and work them into physical form.


I'd say detail! Lots and lots of it. I find that one of the things I love most when viewing a tarot deck is discovering the depth of the drawings. Perhaps you could use the technique of the Avalon Tarot - plenty of line detail but also coloured (fill in digitally/non-paint technique like coloured pencils which makes it easier to create tone and colour variation & is much easier to control than a brush).