Did Tarot save my store????


Hello, my name is Leane, and I am relatively new to reading Tarot, but have always believed in the cards--and other forms of divination, since I was a little girl and my Mom told me about how she had her Palm read--and everything the woman told her down to the minutest detail was correct.

Anyway, I have a cool Tarot story. This just happened to me yesterday.

Right before I was set to go to work, I did a quick three card reading, just to give me some insight into work. I drew, in this order from my Sacred Circle deck, The Moon, the Two of Swords, and the Queen of Wands. My interpretation was FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION GIRL! The two of swords told me there would be some sort of opposition--which baffled me at the time, because I was working alone for most of the shift, and the girl coming on later is a pal of mine.

WELL!!!! About 45 minutes after my shift starts (I work at a convience store--which has never been robbed,) a guy comes in and starts skulking around. I didn't notice him at first, because I was busy with customers--just a knowledge that he was there. While there was a lull in traffic, I noticed he was acting oddly. Just slowly walking around, reading the ingrediants on oil jugs and breakfast bars! I thought it was weird, but hey, it's a Conv. store, we get weirdos. Two little girls were in trying to find candy to blow money on, so I helped them, while watching him. The little girls left, and I got this incredible feeling that I needed to do something about this guy, that something was not right about him. Basically, he was casing the store, waiting until all the cars and customers were gone. I decided to call the police station and ask for a drive by. While he was on one side of the store, I picked up the phone and called the dipatcher, and tried to quietly tell her what was up. When I hung up, he was standing right behind me, and yelled at me "Who did you call?". I froze, then said it was none of his business. He then said, "Fine," and quickly stalked out of the store and to his car, which was parked on the side of the building. He flew out of the parking lot like crazy. I'm assuming he overheard me telling the dispatch that I thought he was casing us.

Anyway, after it was over, and the cop came in to check on me, my insides turned to jelly, and I started crying and couldn't stop. I firmly believe I thwarted a robbery, and it was because I was warned to follow my intuition by the cards. Usually, I would Poo-poo something like that. Not anymore.

That's my story!


Leane: There are no coincidences, & your story is an excellent example of synchronicity! The particular cards, your intuition & common sense all meshed together perfectly to understand the guidance given for the day, which was akin to a warning.
I include "common sense" because you had the wisdom to act appropriately!
It does appear that you foiled that man's plans that time.
This is not intended to frighten you, but it would be a good idea to ask the local authorities to keep an eye on the place. You may already be aware to remain alert to help insure your personal safety first!
Whoever oversees the store needs to be made aware. The policy of some stores (convenience or otherwise) is to not have an employee work alone as more personel can be a deterent against criminal activity, although there are no guarantees.
Also: welcome to the Aeclectic forums!


LeanE, you don't know me in the least but I have to say "I'm SO proud of you!" You followed your instincts and I agree with MeeWah that you probably did foil a robbery.
You did good, girl!!! Keep reading those cards. :D



I so agree with MeeWah and Faunabay. You told your story so well . . .

I so hope you are here to stay, because Aeclectic will benefit from what you have to say.



LeaneE (10 Dec, 2001 09:42):
Hello, my name is Leane, and I am relatively new to reading Tarot,


You may be new, but you sound like "You Got It"...I wish you well.. and keep up with the cards..I find the Sacred Circle very insightful.

I hope you never have to deal with that kind of insight again..Hopefully next time the cards will tell you that your gifted and it's going to be a sunny day..