dieing in a dream.....


someone i care about deeply told me about their dream last night.

in it, they died. after they were dead, they woke up.

i didn't think you could die in a dream?

in light,


Hey Jade,

I have always thought of dieing in dreams to mean a similar thing to the way we might read the :TJUDG card in tarot. Perhaps this person has left an aspect of herself and has graduated to a new phase :) Was it a sad/scary death?


i have had a couple of people tell me they died in their dreams before. i've never experienced it myself in a sleep state, but in shamanistic journeys, which are similar, it's very common to have a physical death. the soul continues to live.



i don't understand what card you are showing.

she said that when the machine gun was put against her head and went off. three bullets entered her skull.....but there was no pain. everything went blurry and she couldn't hear anything anymore.

then she woke up.


what did it mean though?


is it like the death card in tarot...........letting go and moving on?


oh and she's been having alot of dreams lately where she almost dies........this is the first one that she actually did.


Sorry jade... it's the Judgement card. :TJUDG
Wow... that is nasty....


i believe experiencing your own death, is primarily about facing fear, watching yourself die is scary, so it's about letting go and having trust in the universe. i hope this makes some sense.


continued from above.

i think that, in a dream, when someone is trying to kill you, it represents a feeling and fear of not being in control.
i'm not sure that this relates to your friends experience, but to answer your question..... in a shamanistic death, we are reminded that our bodies are but shells. the "death" helps us detach from material concerns. often it's a kind of shedding of something we're too attached to, usually fear.


Could it possibly be a dream of a past incarnation? Your depiction of the actual event sounds kind-of realistic. But from a dream perspective of experiencing or seeing it impartially , without the total trauma of experiencing it as if you were totally in the body.


Had a series of self death dreams years ago. I remember they were very vivid, (I have always dreamed in color…here is a laugh for you, in awake life I am partially color-blind), and in color.

In retrospect, they scared the be-jeesus out of me. Soon after my life, which was at a crossroads, took a zig, when I should have zagged.

Tell your friend it is okay to dream of dieing, but to judge their decisions carefully.