Different meanings?


Hello, I'm a beginner and I need your help to answer a doubt I have. There are a lot of sites with interpretation for the cards, but most don't specify to what deck the meaning correspond. In this forum, fortunately, in most threads people refer to what deck they are talking about. :)
So my question is: I have Marseilles deck, can I interpret it using the meanings of other decks or just the meanings for this deck?
If I look for meanings in a site, can I use it only if it says Marseilles deck?
Thank you!


Well, it's not like there is a unified Marseille church :) Sure there tend to be common features across the various systems for interpreting these decks, but at the same time this means that there are different systems. It wouldn't even be necessarily "wrong" to utilize the meanings intended for another deck, or you could even devise your own system.

This is especially true for the minors. I think there is a beautiful thread somewhere here where various ways for interpreting the pips are grouped together


There's a whole section of forum devoted to Marseilles and other historic decks - there are lots of discussions there about meanings of cards.

Many folks think that using more recently created meanings (which probably related to 20th century illustrated decks) seems a shame when you're using quite a different older deck - but really it's your deck, you can do whatever you choose :)

Check out the other section though, you might find it interesting


Enjoy your deck



Thank you so much :)


Welcome to AT! :D

You could also have a look at this index, with lots and lots of fascinating threads about these amazing cards. It's up to you to choose which system(s) make the most sense to you because this is how you'll eventually be able to read the cards without looking at the 'cheat sheets'.

You can also post your own readings in this forum done with a Marseilles deck, and after you give your interpretations, other members will comment and help you make more sense of it if needed. (Have a look at the rules first.)

Have an enjoyable TdM journey! :thumbsup: