Distance Chakra Healing...?

Ace of Stars

I've recently come across healer/blogger who charges a fairly large sum of money to send white light to clients in order to heal their chakra wounds. She has them fill out a form, and then receive the healing at a certain time without every speaking to them. This costs a few hundred dollars!

What do people think about this?

I've done a lot of chakra work myself, and have no problem accessing the energy of the earth and cosmos simply by meditating and visualizing it (it's always there). The idea of someone else "sending" it to me seems really disempowering. Sure it can be helpful to have a guided meditation in order to visualize the energy, but I've never listened to a guided meditation where the guide says "now I am sending you white healing energy"; the energy is always just there, in the earth and in the spiritual realm surrounding us to tap into.

Furthermore, it seems to me that chakra healing involves more than just sending energy to the chakras, it takes work. Like in order to heal the root chakra, one should focus on being in their body, doing healthy things, the sacral chakra involves seeking pleasure and moving, etc..


it's an interesting question!
I have no problem with someone sending healing or performing spells for benefit (of course exorbitant fees may change my view) but the chakras are intensely personal for me.

I'm happy to talk someone through an analysis I've done of their chakras in a tarot reading and then perhaps working with them on skype to help them flush out any wigglies.

i wouldn't want to do that work FOR them.

I'll do a spell for you if you ask, send you a sigil to keep close if you cross my palm with silver, give you some meditations to work on....

but chakra work you have to do yourself.


ah yes

it is possible to work on the chakras long distance..
you can learn to do that in pranic healing for example and some other healing workshps/systems.

however since you are aware of them, you can work on them yourself and save yourself some money.

that being said, tradional healers here go to sweat lodges and others healers for their own healing.
and in qt the dvd, richard gordon that he can send healing to himself but other people may have the energy that he can not generate so it is benefical to get healing on by other people . (that was in relation to going to his own teacher at the time and doing healing that his teacher couldnt' do on himself ).