DIY project with the FO deck


I love the golden yellow you used in the pictures, it looks so rich. I will have to try out an ink pad instead of a sharpie, the sharpie was unsuccessful in edging well at all. I will save them for future art projects that allow me to write with the very tip, instead of using the side of the point. That made the ink less effective overall.

Thank you everyone for your input, I love seeing how everyone customizes the FO, and the HoF deck. I loved how the two decks looked together, I might combine the two again, and try to work with them together. I tried to combine them once before, but got a very strong gut feeling that I shouldn't. Now I think it is time to try again. :D

I have had wonderful results with Sharpies, but the metallic ones in particular can be temperamental. Sometimes they get crusty, like you said, and sometimes they just won't work. And other times they just do whatever you want. YMMV. The Brilliance pads, on the other hand, work like magic.

As for combining the decks, I would ask them first... ;)


Since I finally got around to getting this deck, I've started my gilding project. I opted to go with what I had on hand already, Tsukineko's Encore ink in Champagne Gold. (Turns out I had Brilliance pads in two shades of black--why?!--Moonlight White, and Copper. The other metallics I have are all Encore, which is an older formulation, but works similarly by absorption rather than evaporation.)

And the results are really quite good! I did the first round squeezing the deck together tightly and wiping the edges with the pad, then going over each card with a paper towel front & back to remove excess. I think I'll need to do another round and this time do each card individually, as doing the deck as a whole comes out a bit more mottled.

The mottled effect, though, would be spectacular as an aging effect if you'd "stained" the edges with a darker color before gilding them with a metallic. I can see where I'll end up doing that to another deck sometime soon. I do like the soft gold finish this shade produced versus a bright gold; will try for decent pics once the whole thing is complete.


I ended up not edging my FO deck, or my HoF deck, I fell out of practice with working with any of the Fae, and never decorated the cards.

The good news is that I am working with Them again, and am left wondering if the decks still want extra bling or not.

Oh well, I shall wait and see what They tell me. For now, They are clamoring for a new journal and bag, and for me to set up a better altar for Them with a silver and black pashmina scarf I bought but never use. And sweets, They definitely want sweets. I left an offering of orange juice with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top, and heard voices calling dibs on the strawberries in the fridge.


I thought I would post this. I wasn't sure if I wanted a metallic look for my Froud, so I went for Tim Holtz's Mustard Seed instead. One can always gild on top of it.

I sort of like it, and find it goes reasonably well with both Faeries' Oracle and Heart of Faerie. You guys be the judge of it.

I happen to think they look pretty fabulous!


I know this is an old thread- but I didn't see anyone suggest practicing on a "throw away" deck first. If you aren't especially crafty or steady in hand- it's definitely a good idea to get a cheap playing card deck to practice on first. It won't be exactly the same (different quality, etc), but it'll be a lot more similar. I'd actually suggest just doing the entire deck. The more you practice, the easier a time you'll have of it, and the easier you'll be able to handle if any of the Faeries try to mess with you in the process. Some of them do love a muddle!

It's not something I'd personally want to do, but it could have truly gorgeous results so I'm glad that this gives a people an idea of how to do it.