Do you cleanse your decks?

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Hahaha. That gave me a good laugh. I sort of pile my decks on top of each other, and I have yet to see one give the other the "evil eye." For fun, I sometimes ask a deck what it "thinks" about another deck. Things like "What readings do you think that deck does the best in? What is its reading style? What is its weaknesses?"

But no I don't think decks get jealous of the other :laugh:

Anyhow, back to the topic, nope I don't cleanse my decks. I guess I find it heart to believe that crystals will do anything but just lie there and look pretty. But hey, to each their own. Some people swear it works like a charm :)

lol! what does the deck say about the other? i love fun spreads like that. :)

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No, I don't do specific cleansing rituals. I have some crystals that I like and that I keep near some of my decks, but I'm not sure what they actually do to decks. I have waved new chemically-smelling cards through incense to improve the smelll. I don't believe decks have consciousness or emotions, or that they can get upset with us or with each other. Any energies a deck has are, I think, residual energies from us as opposed to anything intrinsic. I don't see my decks as having human like personalities or the ability to have independent 'feelings'.

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yeah that's probably the more logical way to think.


I primarily use smudge sticks and incense once a month for this. Say some prayers, light some incense or sage, and pass the decks I have recently used (along with some crystals too) to cleanse them. I use crystals primarily for meditation and for their energies, although I think they do have cleansing properties.

After I read, I almost always have enough time to arrange the cards in the deck I used. This way, I feel that the energies of the previous readings won't have any effect on future ones. If I feel that a reading is particularly exhausting, I clasp my deck between my hands while I say my prayers. I feel that this is a good way of grounding myself and pacing the energy of the cards, like drinking a glass of milk before one goes to rest.