Do you keep your deck with you, or leave it at home?


I am a solitary wiccan/witch/pagan. I use tarot for personal inspiration and meditation. I've never done a reading for anyone and it is unlikely that I ever will.

However, I'm torn between two possible practices with my tarot decks.

Sometimes I take my favorite tarot deck everywhere, so I can develop a connection. However, this also makes it more possible that I lose it.

Other times keep it home on my altar where it is safe and surrounded by supportive tools, crystald and herbs. Plus, the altar is where I do my daily draws. Then I can take an alternate deck around with me.

What do you do?


I only carry a deck with me if I'm planning on using it. Living in London and being dependant upon public transportation, I try to not carry around any more than I have to- often stations can close unexpectedly in an emergency, or buses never turn up so I might have to walk. As a result, I've learned to travel light... you never know when the journey might become longer than expected! :)


If there is a chance I might read for someone where I'm going, I take a deck or two; if it's unlikely, I don't. I have many favorites, so it's just a matter of how I feel at the time regarding which one(s) I take. For random local trips, they stay home.

Spectre Made Flesh

Thus far I've never carried a deck around with me. There are practical reasons, as my pockets are usually full of other stuff when I go out! Should I ever get a mini deck, I may be more inclined to do so, but I rarely read for others, and I don't feel I need to keep decks with me to make a connection, though I do understand why some people do.


Another idea is to generally leave it at home. But occasionally take it with me to reconnect. Such as if I go spend some time in the woods or at the beach. Or at certain events such as full moon rituals.

Madame Squee

I always carry a deck of cards with me. Lately I've been saving space by making the travel companion a Lenormand or deck of playing cards.

Is there a phone app of your deck? The Fool's Dog has released many.


Yes, I have a few Tarot apps on my tablet. In fact, I have three decks and I put three card of the day widgets on my home screen.

I put the widget showing a card from my favorite deck (Wildwood) big in the middle. Then I put two others smaller on either side from the Druidcraft and Druid Animal Oracle decks. So the big middle one is my primary card of the day and the other two for for further clarificaiton and inspiration.

I've tweeted an image of the setup here.


I have apps on my phone but that's not enough. I nearly always have my Deck of the Week with me. I like just to know it's there. I commute a lot (3 hours every direction once a week by bus or train) and often have the desire just to look at the deck, especially if I read a tarot-related book on my Kindle (which is often). Without my commute, I probably wouldn't have dived into tarot so deeply again!

I have soft, thick crochet bags for every deck I own. Some older decks are still in silk bags that I embroidered when my hands were younger, but I always cover them in crochet bags. They protect them really well.

I also have patience cards in my bag most of the time. :)


I keep a Morgan Greer pocket size in a tin in my bag pretty much all the time. The tin is brilliant, no battered box and bent cards :)

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