Does a deck exist that is musical themed?

sea monkey

Does a deck exist that is music themed?

Does a tarot deck exist somewhere that contains images of musical instruments, musicians, or is musically themed?


The Rock and Roll Tarot by Chris Paradis. It has images of musicians on the cards. It looks like it was a self published deck and is currently out of print.


Sinfonia di Tarocchi, by Vito Tumiati 2003-4 is a portfolio of 22 hand printed etchings.
It is musically themed, majors only.
Unfortunately it is somewhat hard to find.


The Karma Tarot has a lot of music/musicians, especially in the wands suit. And then there's the backs, too (a "music" reference, though not exactly symbolic).
Here's a view of the whole deck:



rwcarter said:
Tarocco della Musica is the only one I know of, but surely there must be others.
the deck is pretty!!! it's very hard to find, i just searched the eBay and Amazon, and got nothing.

Tansey Ella

When you said music themed I thought perhaps you meant a tarot deck with songs that represented the card. I always thought Elvis Presley song " In the Ghetto" would be a wonderful Justice card( showing lack of justice or the scales not balanced).
This is what I thought when you said music themed.