Does the pendulum crystal matter?


Hi all,

When using a pendulum, does it matter what type of crystal it is?

Do you use different crystal pendulums for different things (like one would use different crystals for different things), or do you just get a clear quartz pendulum and use it for everything?

Also...does your pendulum have to be on a metal chain (which is how they are commonly sold)?




Hi Afrosaxon,
I don't think it really matters what the crystal may be.
Pendulums have been made for simple thread and a needle.
It can give just as good an answer as a crystal.


I agree with Floracove.

I get excellent results with my moonstone and silver pendulum, not so good with my pendulum that has a rutilated quartz stone.

Just use what works for you.

The crowned one

Interestingly mass and displacement do not have much of a effect on pendulums. It is the length of the pendulum that has the greatest effect on sensitivity. As far as I know there is not a lot of information on conical pendulum movement so I can not say there. The type/weight of crystal should not cause much of a change in the pendulum with a set length. :)


I actually used the mail key and also my name badge which hangs around my neck as a pendulum last week. I honestly think if you can use one, you can use them all.