Doing the first exercises from the book


(long post)

I have been slowly working my way through the book, a new thing for me I must say.
I took the deck and book to work today and sat during my lunch-hour and finished up the fave-least fave-pick a card exercise.

Oh first a few words on my work-book.
I only had one with a decent amount of free pages and that was my dream-journal and that one is a really cool book with lots of quotes in it and some truly weird dreams:)

You remember my very first picks for fave card?
The ones I picked even before reading the book at all...
those were:
23 The Green Woman
40 Honesty
41 Ilbe the retriever

Least fave was
55 The Soul-Shrinker

After dividing the deck in heaps over and over again I finally picked out a new fave card for the first exercise and that one was:
36 Spirit Dancer

A bit what I wrote about her (Not the whole cause that would be far too long)
Like a spear, locked into herself, listening in.
Following the rythm of body and soul. Focused.
Listening AND Expressing - the dance of life.
Open hands, touching and reaching out for life.
(no feet - not grounded)

Least Fave:
55 Soul Shrinker
(I noticed here that my interpretation of the card is quite different from the book - I haven't actually checked the book to read up on Spirit Dancer yet though)
Dependant on others for nourishment, is no one all by himself.
We give him power.
Encourages me to ask for what I need.
Vampyre. Passive-Agressive.
No sharing, no outpouring. All in one direction yet never "full"
Primitive - knows what he needs and takes it. Survivor.

Pick a card:
Well, imagine my surprise - I really think she takes all pooertunities to make me laugh.
For of course I picked her again:
23 The Green Woman.
and then it strikes me that she is really a lot alike the Soul-shrinker. She could have been his joyful bigger sister.

Joy, proud, strong, laugh more.
Relaxed attitude, don't take things or one-self so seriously.
A quick mind. A protector.
Part of a whole.
She is not one to come to for whining and expect sympathy she will more likely kick your butt and ask you to get a grip.


jema... I love your insights! :D I've bumped the other threads for Favorite and Least Comfortable cards as well, in case you'd like to check them out.

Also worth checking out is the Soul Shrinker thread which you might find interesting, since it was your least comfortable. Many begin with Shrinker as their least comfortable, only to find this Faery's message is even more enlightening.

And I just love the Green Woman. Perhaps She *is* SS's sister!


Jema, thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed your post. Hope you can expand upon this post in the threads Alissa bumped up.

We need to find a way to secure those exercise threads to the top of the board. Moderator is that possible?


Given how important they are, I agree Jewel!~ Great idea, I'll sticky them. ;)


YAY! Thanks!