Doreen Virtue Decks changes and such


DV is taking off the market the books and decks related to archangels, due to conflict with her conversion to Christianity.
If you are a DV fan or a Deck collector, stuck up while you can. She has a sale ending today via HayHouse for all her angel decks at $10 or less.


How interesting. l would say Christianity is very much devoted to Arch Angels and Angels. The bible speaks a lot about Angels and tells us we have our own Guardian Angel who watches over us. Makes me wonder if she has got herself into one of those cult sects.


I went to a Catholic school run by Dominicans, and in our theology lessons we learned that there are 9 orders of angels, with archangels being the second from the lowest, just above angels (seraphim and cherubim take the top two spots). I wonder what sect she subscribes to now


Whatever brand of Christianity she is involved with, it could be she has been told tarot is the work of the devil and that she has to renounce all connections with it. l worked as a P.A. in a catholic organisation way back. l befriended a lovely elderly nun who was very opened-minded and one day she showed me a large thick book which was quite old. It was on the Tarot, l was quite amazed at the time, l told her about my psychic self, and she replied you are a seer we all have gifts that used wisely can benefit others.
Never forgotten that and bless her she is now with the Angels.

Edit: Wonder what she is going to do with all the money she has made through her tarots.


The sale at hayhouse has little to do with DV. All of their decks were on sale.


didn't finish reading the thread before I posted. Bad Sharyn


Wasn't she a Christian to begin with? I'm confused... :bugeyed:


Sorry I don't seem to be able to connect my neurones... who is DV ?