Dragon Tarot / Nefertari&#39s Tarots


I am somewhat of a beginner. My 1st deck was the Nefertari and my 2nd one was Dragon.

The Nefertari are beautiful. They have Egyptian gods and goddesses on each card and come with a booklet, illustrating a basic spread of 6 cards. It also tells the meaning of each card (of course). The cards are very beautiful. A little expensive ($40) but well worth it. The readings I have done with them are always very accurate. I love this deck.

The Dragon Tarot cards are also beautiful. I love dragons so these are perfect for me. I just got these yesterday so I haven't had a chance to use them yet :) But I have examined and looked at each card and I am impressed. A deck by US Games Systems.

Just thought that I would share this :)


All the people I know who have the Dragon Tarot said that they absolutely adore it. So it's obviously a good deck. I'm just gonna have to go and buy it now.

(Unconvincingly) Damn.




I just got the Nefertari Tarot and it is stunning. I love the gold foil it really make this deck a real show piece. The only problem is my booklet is only in french. If their is anyway you could share your english booklet (copy or e-mail me a copy I would really appreciate it)



Hey guys. I was in a little shop on Saturday where they had several Tarot decks available. I was holding the Dragon Tarot in my hands for a while but I ended up putting it down and buying the Robin Wood deck. I had also been in another store earlier that day and almost purchased the Vampire Tarot.

Seems I was just destined to buy a deck this past weekend. I can say that I was very pleased with Robin Wood. I was able to use it immediately and accurately. I will eventually purchase both of the other decks when they call to me strongly enough. I'm glad to hear that most people like the Dragon Tarot. I'd be interested to know how anyone feels about the Vampire one.

Rhiannon :)