Dream about tarot cards being ripped?


Hi everyone

Last night I had a dream about my tarot cards for the first time. I have a beginner's deck by Sharman-Caselli, it's a beautiful deck and I'm so glad I picked it as my first. In the dream, I picked up the deck to find that some of the cards were ripped, with big chunks missing from them. Some of the ripped pieces were stuck to other cards, while other pieces were missing entirely.

I'm trying to remember which specific cards were ripped, but as of now, I can't. I only just remembered the dream when I went to go grab my deck just now. I do remember that throughout the dream, I kept wondering if I should go buy another deck, and then realized that I could just buy this same Sharman-Caselli deck again. I didn't really wonder why they were ripped...I was more concerned about still being able to do readings. It wasn't really a scary or upsetting dream.

I'm wondering if this dream could signify anything? Or if anyone has had a dream like it? Would like to hear thoughts.


It's an anxiety dream.
You have indeed become very attached to your cards! I would say also that you have started feeling a sense of responsibility in terms of what messages and insight they can bring.
Bless you, it's quite sweet actually :)

Starri Knytes

You say that some cards had chunks torn off and others had pieces stuck to other cards.

Since you weren't concerned about it in the dream, it could
be that your deck is trying to teach you how to better make use of it.

Chunks torn off might mean that you aren't seeing the cards full meaning and chunks stuck to other cards might indicate how one card relates to another in a reading.

Just a thought. Good luck sweetie[emoji813]


I think this is anxiety about your future, people use the tarot to look into something and there is huge chunks missing here now. You can't see the full picture of your future or a plan or a decision but this is an anxiety dream and you are trying to control seeing the whole picture. Sometimes we are not meant to see everything or know everything at that time and we have to learn that!

Alternately you might be learning / studying tarot and feel there is huge chunks missing from your learning but go easy on yourself! Keep studying, it takes a while :)


Thank you so much everyone. :) It has been a stressful year for us, and for the past couple of months, regardless of the readings I do--for my finances, my career, my husband's career, our cat's health, my health--I keep pulling the same cards, often in the same positions. My readings have overall been extremely positive and the outcome is often The Sun, the 10 of Pentacles, or the 10 of Cups. I agree that this reading is showing my anxiety, and how I do all kinds of readings on so many questions, worrying that I've missed something. I often get a second opinion on the readings, as I worry I'm seeing what I want to see and being biased. Almost as if the outcome the cards show is too good to be true.

In a way I wonder if it's saying...trust us, trust yourself, it's not a coincidence you keep pulling the same cards, in the same positions. I also often doubt myself because even when the reading is so true to my situation, I wonder if I'm missing something because I've only been practicing tarot for a year. Maybe there's a warning in the reading, or a negative aspect I'm missing, because I don't know all the possible interpretations. I realized a few days ago I never consider the elements of the cards and how they interact...I'm also just learning to look at the people in the cards, especially the court cards, and how they interact...doubting my own interpretations because I lack some of that knowledge.


I once had a dream of my tarot cards going up in flames...quite similar to yours, really. It was during a time when I was over-reading a bit. I too didn't feel anything about my cards self-combusting in the dream; I was neutral to it. I took that as a message from my guides to wean myself off them, and trust myself and my intuition. I've been working on...subtler...methods of divination ever since, & I must say, I'm quite enjoying it :)