Dream interpretation help: Kissed a male witch and being stuck in a cult


I need some help with interpreting this dream. I already wrote it down and dissected it using a dream dictionary but need a second opinion.

I went to a male witch so he may help me get some spells cast. When I got there, he gave me an idol about 20" tall but I cannot remember what shape it resembled. He gave me bunch of pamphlets on how to continue casting when I'm on my own. I placed it all in the bag. The word on the street was that this guy was very good but in my thoughts I kinda thought this is just BS. For some reason this guy understood what I thought. He then directed me to a vent, looked like an airconditioning/heating vent and when he threw wood chips into it, the strong gust of air came up. He told me to breath it and I did still thinking this is idiotic! Then we were alone in the room and he tried to hug me and I tried to avoid him. I was not disgusted by him but more of a this is just inappropriate. Then he kissed me and the kiss was amazing! But I panicked and got away from him. As I walked out on the street in the hurry, I realized that I forgot the little idol so I went back. This time as I approached the building, the night was covering the sky. Out of nowhere a lion cub just ran up to me. He was cute but I became worried that his mother may be around so i hurried into the building and closed the door behind me. The cub was trying his best to reopen the door. ... I ignored it.
Then I was in a hospital type room. There were two rows of beds, total of maybe 12 -14? not sure but I realized this was a maternity ward and saw two or three pregnant ladies. For some reason the only thought that crossed my mind was THIS IS A CULT AND THEY ARE BREEDING BABIES AND I NEED TO GET THE FK OUT OF HERE... NOW! but before I could get out a woman approached me but then I woke up.