Dream Needing Analysis!!


About a week ago I had a very strange dream. I remember it vividly.
My mother and I were at a gas station. From the scenery around palm trees, warm weather, lots of hotels It seemed like Las Vegas. Anyway, we were at a self serve station. Since neither of us knew how to pump gas we were a little nervous about it. My mom got out and started asking the man if she was doing it right and all of a sudden I noticed an electrical wire and the plug was bright red. I picked it up and asked the attendant if that was supposed to be like that. He said "no" and I threw it on the ground. At the same time there was a loud explosion. I didn't know If I blew the whole building up or not so I started running without looking back. I kept running all the way till I saw this beautiful hotel. I ran into the hotel and kept on running. I looked down and noticed by shoes were taken off in the car so I was just in my stocking feet and thought "oh no I know they'll be able to find me cause they'll describe me as a girl running with my socks on". The hotel was like a 4 star. I kept running up stairs until I came to this one lobby. There was a man there staring at me. He had the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen. He was dressed in a business suit and he told me If I went with him to his room that he would protect me and hide me from what I was running from. He also said he'd buy me a new pair of shoes. We'll we started going thru different rooms to get up to his room and we went into this big room that had lots of pillars and arches in it. They were around the whole room. Inside each arch was a statue of a Greek god or goddess. It was a lovely room. There was a door in the corner of it. He said "We need to go thru this room but you have to promise me to keep your eyes closed and don't peek". I told him I'd promise. We went thru it and I could feel a chill on me. The room seemed eery and had a coldness to it. Finally we were thru the room and he let me open my eyes again. After a few more corriders and rooms we finally made it to his room. Actually he room was more like a condominium. We went in the kitchen and he offered me a cup or coffee and some soup. I could tell it had been left out for someone else so I refused politely. Then I noticed a large curtain (from ceiling to floor behind his bed in his bedroom). Out of the corner of my eye I saw a lightening bolt hit the floor behind his window curtain outside. I asked him what it was and he said "you don't want to know". Then I looked again and the shade was lifted about 2 feet off the ground and I could see part of large ear. I mean an ear as big as house! Giant!!! Then I knew....It was the ear of the devil. I could see it was red and pointy and I said "is that the devil." He said "yes I've lived next door to him here all along", "Whatever you do don't lift the shade up all the way and let him see you". I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I just kept looking at this stranger with the bluest eyes I've ever seen and thinking how attracted I was to him and how nice he was to me and comforting it was to be with him. I ended up telling him I had to go run an errand and actually left the hotel and took a train around town. I saw the attendant at the gas station and I could tell he was out looking for me. I hurried up and went back frantically to find this room of this man who had been so nice to me again. That's where I woke up.
By the way, Sorry if this dream is kinda long....lol. I just didn't want to leave out any important details.


well, mom, i have to remove a few of the details to come to some kind of interp for you. perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by all the details of your life. gas is a symbol of energy and when it blows up part of the building that's symbolic of how you feel like your foundations have been shaken and your energy totally burned up. you just want the problems to disappear and run away to some nice luxurious place where you feel safe and have some one take care of you. the only problem is that even this person who promises to take care of you isn't safe but you don't feel willing to let go of the hope that you are safe. even tho you aren't safe there you want to go back to this illusion of safety. you know that the devil/temptation is on the other side of the curtain but the desire to escape is strong.

losing your mother at the gas station would indicate that you feel alienated from your personal image of what a mother should be. she seems to disappear somewhere around the time of the explosion. you are discovering what being a mother is really about and you are feeling a need to escape. it's not what you envisioned from your own mother what it would be like as far as being fulfilling went. in fact, you are out of gas!

the significance of losing shoes and running in bare feet... all i can think of is the fairy tale of called the red shoes. in it this girl becomes obessessed w/ a pair of red dancing shoes. when she wears them she can't stop dancing. eventually she loses everything b/c of her obsession w/ the shoes plus she can no longer take them off. finally the only way she can gain peace is to cut off her feet. she lives the rest of her life a sadder but wiser person. okay, i'm not saying this is you exactly but the element of getting rid of the shoes which represent constraint in order to gain freedom--bare feet does fit in w/ the theme of the dream.

does that fit in any way?


After further review....here's what I come up with

Ok, I think as far as the gas station part.....there has kinda been a recent unexpected explosion. My middle daughter was adopted this past summer from my husband (who I may add had raised her since birth). It was a most joyous occasion. However, the grandmother on that side sent an unexpected card in the mail which was luckily intercepted by us. None of that family is supposed to have anymore contact with her and really haven't for years. It's like it's a show now. They put us thru hell (might be the devil in dream) and we need to inform them not to make anymore contact!! The gas station with my mother could be that she has been most supportive but this time I have to solve this on my own. I am very close to my mother...she is like my best friend and I'm very close to all 3 of my daughters and love being a stay at home mom.
Now the hotel .....the man in the hotel...could of been my original attraction to her biological father. I was fooled by his good looks and smooth words. I'm not anymore however!!! It took alot but I had to find out the hard way. Like I said, I think the devil represents all that family and how much intimidation I've had over them for years. I didn't dare look but now know they can't hurt us anymore and we have the law on our sides too. The lightening bolts might of been their reactions to us telling them not to send anymore cards.
As far as running around with no shoes I think that means I was unprepared to see a card in the mailbox....the nerve!!!!


hi momof3,, i kind of had the feeling that you might have some kind of guilt feelings about something concerning your mother. you may have made choices that you feel she would not approve of. you symbolically killed her hopes and dreams although not intending to. it can be hard to make our own choices, that those we love may not totally approve of, without feeling a little guilty, even if they are the right choices for us. going against a parent is a little like going against "god", symbolically speaking that is. that's where the devil comes in.


Hi Zorya

Of course, when I went with biological father of my middle daughter she didn't approve because she knew what would happen. You see, he was my first love in H.S. and I still had unresolved feelings. I didn't feel guilt over it though. I did what I had to do. After all came to pass, she was my biggest supporter, along with my husband thru all the negativity him and his family caused in all our lives. It's a long story, but I think the dream is telling me that my husband and I should write the letter to his parents of our own doing. She of course is supportive once again but it's something we (husband and I) need to sit down together to write it up. This family of sperm dad; lol, tried to turn our daughter against us, was verbally abusive to my daughter, tried to brainwash her, made lies about us in court, never bothered with her for her first 2 years of life then would come in and out of her life at their convenience, etc. ect. I could write a book!!! Anyway, the time has come for us to stand our ground and tell them not to contact her anymore. In the adoption it was written no contact. The dream happened around the time they sent the card so I think it all relates to that issue that has been haunting us for 9 years now. Finally the sperm father did the right thing and signed her off last year. Thankfully it happened when it did because he lived across the U.S. and had spent some time in jail for domestic abuse of his then wife...who has since left him. Like I said, long, long story, but finally ended happily for all our family. We just need to make it clear to these people to stay away.