Dream: Phone Middle of Park.


I was focused, before sleeping, on Rachel Mellon Skemp - Cold Case threads. Only am not sure how this fits yet or if at all.

Bizarre dream really.

What I do recall...

Having a wooden hut in a park with a newly Installed private phone on a park bench next to me! And in Japan.

An old Japanese woman was trying to use the phone, even pay for it, and people were every where having picnics and BBqs.

A group actually took the bench but left the phone behind on the grass and I wanted to put a bar on the phone so no unwanted calls out.

The old woman still wanted the phone and I was fine sharing the bench as there were kids and babies. But not the phone.

Be back later to see if it can be broken down.

"Phone" and "foreign" are in common with the last dream.

DND :)


Dream Cheat Look Up One: :D


Park: Renewal, Meditation, Spirituality. Temporary something.

Telephone: Communication including Telepathic. Accepted into a situation soon.

No dead tone or not getting through, so communication problems can be ruled out as well as blocks.


Dream Cheat Two:

Making a phone call ~

Can mean trying to get through to someone.

Now...is that about me...or her? Or both.


Greece (Dream 1): Wanting to support or take care of others or someone.

Japan (Dream 2): Sensitivity to positiveness. And wanting no miscommunication or anything to go wrong.