Dream Symbol Oracle

Julian Jaymes

Hi all,

I had a dream years ago about an Oracle deck. In the dream, I was somewhat aware that I was dreaming, and so I looked through the cards as much as I could before waking. They consisted of simple symbols, like the zodiac signs, planets, elements, etc...and then I woke up, of course, and thank goodness I wrote down the dream!

Now, albeit years too late, I am starting once again to work on this deck. It will likely be done on the computer, as I am much more a digital artist than a traditional one.

I'll be posting my progress here, and I am open to any feedback, questions, or comments. Constructive criticism is welcome, as I want this deck to work for others, not just me. (I'm NOT looking to make money, though - I'm mostly making this deck because ever since that dream, I feel deeply compelled to create it.)



Welcome Tay, I love using oracles, I look forward to seeing what you will have on offer.


Best of luck! Always follow your dreams!