Dream team divination 2013-002

Starri Knytes

Just some quick updates. :)

This seems to ring with my current feelings at my new place of work. It has turned out to create a lot of nervous tension and anxiety with me -- and the employees are always watched. I've been reprimanded for things with no warning what-so-ever, and so this could be the lock being broken. I went in to the situation with trust and that was quickly broken. I feel like I've been run over or abused.

The winds of change have been quite turbulent in my new job. :D I went in there 'open' and 'ready' and was just smacked with all kinds of turbulence. LOL Seriously, my stomach was affected by this -- I could barely eat or keep anything down or in after I started working at this job.

Interesting that my place of work is right next to the highway, and one of the duties is curb appeal -- keep the parking lot clean from trash blowing in the wind... as it is very windy around there naturally. If it comes down to it though, that is one of the duties I sacrifice in favor of what is going on inside the store (the customers).

I just want to pay my bills. LOL But this has been a bit much. It shouldn't have been this difficult to just do a job and get paid.

Last week, I asked the angels for help with money before I got paid... my husband won $100 on a lottery ticket, and then another $25 on a different one. That certainly helped and I thanked them for it.

So far, I've discovered that the store manager is over-the-top picky, and there is no warning before a hammer comes down on you. She has basically 'vomited' all over me with her crap from the time I got there to the point that I was ready to walk away. Taking advantage... probably. No one deserves to be treated in such a way.

Your dream here is quite interesting to look back on. I did catch a break and landed my current job, to which I'm still grateful as I feel better about being able to pay my bills. But all the goings-on have opened my eyes a little bit to what is truly valuable to me; kindness, support, friendship, emotional stability, happiness, trust -- so far, my current place has been a very good example of how I do NOT want to run my own business. I've been tipped by a customer... and I was with the store manager that day and asked if we were allowed to accept tips from people; she didn't know, it had never happened before. LOL She allowed me to keep the tip. :p

If you read my response to celticnoodle, I did end up asking the angels for help with money before I was paid, and my husband won $100 on a lotto ticket and then another $25 on a different one. I thanked the angels for this.

I do work in a retail store, also. I think the disappointment may be from the people (the store manager mostly) treating me like crap and me questioning if the little bit of money I'm making is worth it. But I have been hoarding, now that I'm able to do so.

Not too sure on this one looking back... DA (the district manager) may be represented by one of the guys. There is TA (the assistant manager), but the store manager and the other assistant manager have short dark hair. I'm the only long-haired blonde. :D LOL I've had comments from several... men... actually, about my hair. I've also had several men come in drunk, and several men come in looking for beer when we do not sell it. The store I work for is very busy all the time. I'm not sure about the triangles, but we do have a couple of stars in the store logo. The triangle might have been more symbolism for me at the time you had the dream. (I'm just taking a look back through all of these now to see what resonates with the current situation).

I do work in customer service and all kinds of people come in, including kids. We sell things for kids. I still don't know what the Bubble Guppies are, but it makes me think of the different colored drinks we have for kids -- red, orange, green, and blue -- some people call them Tummies or Bug Juice. LOL

I'm pretty good with the cash drawer; the store manager is picky about everything. Over-the-top picky. Like, I thought I was a nit-picking perfectionist... and here is someone way worse about it than me. It's stifling. It's more than a dose of my own medicine. It's like being hit with a Mack truck full of my own medicine. :p

I didn't think my spiritual life was going to be crossing over into my work life -- I thought it was time for a break from spirit and tarot and everything like that. But that hasn't been the case after the recent break-down in my job (if you've been watching my YR postings that is) and I've been asking the angels for help and guidance to get through this, and also calling on the cousin I told you about here to help me with some of the qualities he had when he was alive to make it through this.

I'm not sure about your dream still... but you say something about 'giving gifts' and that seems to resonate a little bit with the 6 of Pentacles I pulled in my latest 'Coping with stress spread!' in the YR forum.

I can only imagine that this had to do with landing the job, and the subsequent problems I've had trying to just show myself as the good worker that I am.

Otherwise, it still seems like an overhead view of what I'm dealing with to learn to accept money in my life. To feel deserving of it.

And this is right about where I am now with the job. I'm pretty sure the store manager had something against me from the beginning because she thought I was 'too educated' for the job. But for some reason, she hired me anyway. And ever since I've started it's been me fighting a battle with something I can't see (her emotions and judgments, I think). All I know, is that I would do my job and feel good about it, and the next thing I know I'm getting slammed with 'failures' and write-ups. The day she told me of everything I had against me, she even said at one point, "Are you with me, or not?" And that was just ridiculous... I was flabbergasted that day when she was telling me all this stuff. I had no idea where most of it was even coming from. But apparently, she thought I was 'against' her for some reason. Because I was too educated? Probably... that's what I'm thinking that was all about now.

(More info in my YR threads, if you all haven't been following).

Just wanted to give a look back now that it's been a few months. Some interesting correlations I think. :)
Interesting Indeed!! I hadn't been to YR, YIKES!! your life sounds exhausting. I hope things settle down for you soon.


amanda, thank you for your update! I love it when updates can be done awhile afterwards, and when perhaps there is more to reveal. It looks like we all did rather well then for you. I think it is so cool that you asked the angels for help (and your cousin) and then your hubby got $125.00! :thumbsup: congrats! Also, cool that YDM42 dreamt about finding a hundred dollar bill! of course her bill in her dream was cut and thus, not a full bill--perhaps that is pointing to you using it to pay bills instead of being able to hold onto it?

At any rate, thank yor updating. :D