Dreaming Faeries


I noticed quite a few posts about dreams regarding the Faeries in different threads so thought maybe it would be a good idea to have one just for this topic.

I'll start since I just had another dream last night. Maybe others can share theirs too.

I dreamt last night that I was visiting with a lady I know only she was a faery even though she looked like this lady. I was looking out a window in her home. It was special because she had decorated it with little sparkling pictures of sunshines and glitter. On the other side of the window were floating purple colored clouds. I was telling the lady that it was the happiest spot in her house. Then she tore down the decoration from the window (it peeled off like wallpaper.) She said it was the only one she had of that kind, rolled it up and gave it to me. She seemed happy to give it to me. Then I woke up.

Then later this morning my daily card was Singer of Intuition.

I hope others post too as I'm curious to hear more about others Faery dreams.



Very cool dream SkyDancer! Do you have any clues to the connection of your dream to your daily card?


Not sure yet but maybe..?

I'm not sure yet Jewel. Maybe something to do with repressed psychic energy. That is what I am mainly working on spiritually right now. As much as I have consciously I keep having dreams & signals over the last few years about having more in here somewhere. lol. Kind of like the Rarr card - sometimes it surfaces, sometimes not. Sometimes wild dreams, sometimes mild. Maybe I was looking thru the window at some of it floating by?

That's all I've come up with so far. Maybe it has nothing to do with it at all either. lol.



Dream cards

This seemed like a good thread for me to revive by sharing my latest Faery tale.

I often pull a card before bed, a "dream Faery," someone to think about and see how They may manifest my subconscious/dream world.

Several nights this past week, I've drawn G. Hobnyah. Usually, when I draw him, I admit I frown. When I drew him earlier this week, my first reaction was to equate Him with the Tarot Devil card. So I was kinda bummed. But, I focused on him anyhow. Don't think you know everything at face value, he said. I watched as his eyes straightened out, and had the impression "clearer vision". His crossed arms could hold people out, or hug people in. You don't know.

And, as happenstance has it ... my toddler slept through the night that night (and he hasn't been doing that for soooo long now, it ain't worth comparing).

Last night, there was G. Hob again. This time, I smiled ... and thought, well perhaps He's here to let me know I have a night of sleep to look forward to for tonight.

And, I did! The baby slept through the night! I'm wondering if G.Hob isn't supposed to BE the boogey man, he's here for scaring *away* the boogey man!!!

Who knew??


That is awesome! This may sound odd, but, G Hogbosh reminds me A LOT of a friend of mine (oddly enough) named J (short for Jason...grins). He always makes the horned devil sign with his fingers and smiles when something amuses him. He LOVES HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY thrash metal, that deep growling type of music. He definitely has a WILD side to him, but he is also very balanced. I see G. Hogbosh in the same light. Just a fun crazy loving guy. He likes to play and likes things that are a bit obnoxious, but over all, quick to lend an ear, and understand your troubles. Also can be very strong against what is not right, and give you a helping hand when things are bad. Perhaps it's this side that I see of Hogbosh that you are seeing now. Don't misunderstand him, he is gentle, he just loves obnoxious things. I wouls say those crossed arms are for huggin ya in! smiles.


fae manifesting in my dreams

As of late, I've been having the fae's turn up in my dreams. At the time that I am dreaming, I can recall them, but once I wake up, I can't recall, I just know they were there. They actually appear as they are in the cards. They vary too, not just one, but sometimes 2-3, sometimes only 1, there is no method. The past 2 night now, they've visited me in my dreams.

Alissa, I really liked your idea about pulling a dream fae. I did this last night. I pulled Losgunna. To me she just said, dream sweet sweetie.



Last night I pulled a fae card, and again, go Losgunna. Felt the message as the same message, dream sweet. But THEN today when I pulled my daily card, I got her as my daily card to. So that got me thinking that maybe I'm NOT getting her message. When I pulled her as my daily card, it seemed to be have fun with your day, just enjoy yourself, as my husband and I took our children to the renaisance festival. I'm going to pull another one tonight before I sleep and see who comes up.