Dreaming Tarot


Occasionally I'll dream about Tarot, but oddly enough, I never dream about doing readings. Instead, I'm always in a bookstore looking at decks, wondering which I'll buy. Perhaps this gives a clue as to my priorities! :)

Anyway, I was wondering what other Tarot-related dreams people have.

-- Lee


I wonder if it was in response to reading your question about people dreaming about tarot? Last night I think I dreamt about nothing BUT tarot! I woke several times in the night to realize that I was dreaming about tarot characters and/or situations. The details are not clear to me now but it was definately tarot related every time.



If the two of you start dreaming about 'singing and dancing' Tarot Characters like that episode of 'Xena' - please tell us about it!


Oh man , I missed that episode of Zena! But I really miss hercules too!!


WOW, I?ve seen that Zena episode !!!! It was so cool *L*

Wonder why no one done a movie "The Fool?s Journey" or have they? and I don?t know about it ?

Sorry that was waaay of topic *S*

ps: yes I dream tarot dreams almost every night