Dreams about hunting bears


Here's another one. :)
My sister-in-law is dreaming all the time now, about bears. She and another person (can be different ones from dream to dream), hunt bears. Sometimes the bears come after her. Well, anyway, the person accompanying her shoot the bear, but she has to kill it (give it the deadly bullet).



Hi Aeonx -

Is she having financial troubles or worries? I read once that bears can represent business, tranactions and money (thus bull-bear market analysis). If so, her subcon. may be alerting her to fight it and be careful of any investments or spending. And various friends accompanying her may indicate she needs outside help and support. This was just a longshot and I'm probably way off, but there are several people here who are very knowledgeable about dreams.

~ january


bears are great healers, spiritually and actually (they know healing herbs better than other animals). they also are very maternal and fiercely protective of their young.

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I wonder what Tarotbear would have said to this thread?


Greetings all and thanx for the replies.

january: I don't think they're in financial trouble. However, they are about to move and are currently trying to sell their house. I think this too is going well. I'll have to ask her how long she has been having these dreams.

Diana: no, I don't think this is an option either, but I'm not sure! I'll have to ask her about that too. :)


ask her if there is a motherhood issue, that she's not comfortable with.


zorya: wow! Actually, she and my brother really want children, but she is having problems getting pregnant. They are not sure who's 'to blame' (really in lack of a better English word here!!!). So, tell me, what you mean about this?


bears represent motherhood, she is probably feeling very angry about her situation and at the situation. (at the bear). she also may be feeling like she has no control. killing in a dream may represent her wanting that control. this is bound to be a very difficult time for her. she needs to know that all these feelings she is having are o.k. and normal. often when we try to deny or bury our feelings, we start dreaming about them. she may be facing the loss of a lifelong dream, this is much like the different emotions people feel when in mourning.
love and light to your family!


zorya: thank you so much for your help! :)