Dreams:Faery Territory


A few weeks ago, I went to go stay with my sister (Alissa) as we live in different states. The room that I stayed in is her craft room, and there are many posts from Alissa stating how her craft room is the room that was taken over by faeries. It truly is a beautiful room, filled with beautiful paintings on the wall, trinquets that are reminiscent of her past, beautifully decorated canisters (thinking of the lunch box that has the symbol Om on it, that you used to use for your henna), 3-4 notebooks filled with henna art work, both drawings and photographs of Alissa's work. There's also a book shelf that contains several legendary books of fantasy, art, and romance, as well as family photo albums. The bed that's in this room is the most softest of beds, you feel like your sleeping in clouds, I swear. It really is no wonder why the faeries took over that room.

My first night there, I believe they just rummaged through my belongings to check me out. Of course, my own faeries (at least the traveling sort) came with me and I'm sure they all made friends rather quickly. I didn't notice too much activity, and slept with ease the first night.

My second night there, I turned into a bed after a fun filled evening of seeing my sister perform in the Rocky Horror Picture show, and we went to a cast party afterwards. We were exhausted. I laid in bed, and I believe I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow but my dreams that night were not of the normal sort. I saw images vague and "pale", almost like it was coming into focus and then hiding again. Strange shapes, almost like they were moving like water. I went closer to these shapes in a curious fashion. It's like I was in blackness and then stepped through a black veil and on the other side was a forest of faeries. I stepped through into this forest, and it was like they were having their own party. It didn't seem like anyone noticed me there, as if i "belonged" but somehow a ghost. I listened in on a few conversation but following faery rhymes and songs is quite a task for us humans. I remember something poetic about green, as faeries sing and danced to this poetic rhyme. I kept walking and walking, slowly, like window shoppers, and occasionally stopping to watch something. I kept walking deeper and deeper into this forest until finally it was mostly quiet. I was strangely comforted by this silence, and felt to sit down and rest for a while. As I did so, a faery (after a few minutes of just enjoying my surroundings) came out from around a tree, and although I found him to be a bit shy, he finally came out and sat across from me. After we sat together for a bit, he showed me how to climb trees. We each climbed our own tree together and then we sat up in the tree and pondered the night's sky as we relaxed. Without looking at each other, nor speaking, we "spoke" to each other.

Faery: "you know what's coming ahead"
Me: "yes I know"
Faery: "are you ready?"
Me: "no, not really, but how does a human prepare for something like that? I guess I'm as ready as I can be."
Faery" silence
Me: "What about you and this kingdom, Has the King and Queen put everything in order?"
Faery: "yeah"

we sat up there for a bit longer enjoying the peacfulness of the sky and stars before we jumped down. He seemed to jump into the tree and disapeared. I laid down on the ground making myself comfortable for sleep and closed my eyes.

Later that night, I dreamed some random no not stuff, but I don't remember any of the others.

I don't know what we were talking about in this dream, apparently, my spirit knows and is "ready" for something. I've thought a lot about it off and on, and even did some card pullings about it. But either I get Penelope the Dreamweaver, or The Journeyman (so far). Which neither one have I got much information from thus far.

I just wanted to share my faery experience over at my sisters' house with all of you.



Wow~! COOL~!!! *I* didn't even know all this until reading it just now. What a great dream, I've had a lot more dream activity in the 4 years I've lived here, I can tell you that. I wonder what your spirit has in store for you... consider it a gift that you're still waiting to give yourself. I'm so glad you shared this!

My craft room is our spare bedroom. We put all our house guests in there, much to my faeries delight. My husband has, over the years, come to see his wife is a social creature, who invites people to their house to stay with them - I've had the delight of hosting not just family (like my lovely sister) or drunken friends ("Man, I can't drive, I'm gonna crash he....zzzzzzzzzzz") but friends from across the country will stay with us on their way coast to coast, and I've even had a friend (back in 2000) fly from the Netherlands to come visit me, and my craft room.

I belong to the old-school mentality... the European tradition where you would open your house to passersby, and listen to their tales for a day or two before they disappeared. My husband thought this was insane (American view) until we spent time in '99 travelling Europe, and then he understood. It's a culture thing. I'm not European of course, but I do rather like this custom of theirs.

The craft room bed is in a cold room of the house, when we leave it closed off during winter that is. With guests, the door is kept open to keep the room warm in the winter... I've literally been doing laundry in my craft room and seen my breath! So the bed in there is extra cozy... I have a feather-down tic that's beneath the sheets to wrap you up in, and about 4 more blankets to pile on top of you, if you like. That's why the bed is so soft in there. It's a coccoon.

My floor to ceiling bookshelves are covered with... yup, stuff. Books, drawings, photos, just like my sis says, but also 10 years of "merde" gifts are in that room (those are the little gifts performers give each other during a show) as well as other random things people have given me. Glass items, crystal items, stones, incense bowls, brass gods and goddesses, more more more.

I have faeries tacked up in strange place in the room, ceramic pieces friends have given me too... one hanging from the inside of the bookshelf over here, one hanging from the window's blinds over there. There are Waterhouse paintings in the room, as well as the Steve Hanks ballet corner, with all my own ballet pics, over by my piano in there. I keep my spinning wheel in this room, when not in use (and it's been terribly not in use lately).

My fae have always loved this room, esp. in this house. My old craft room had a few fae... but the craft room once we moved to the mountains is positively overrun. They're the ones who asked a snake to come in and play this summer (ten thousand begging fae voices, "We'll keep him in our room, we promise! Pleeeeeease!!!")

("I told you guys before... No inside pets! That means No mice, and No snakes!!!")

Anyhow, I told my sister, after she gone, she had left a few fae behind. I could feel them, and could smell them. My sister's perfume (my sister wears LIGHT perfume, not lots nor heavy-scented) became stronger and stronger in the 2 days after she LEFT than the 2 days while she was HERE. I could feel a different energy as I walked into my craft room, it felt different.

So if some of "my" Fae (like they're "mine") went travelling to be with you, sag, it doesn't surprise me. I have more than I can mind, on any given day. They're likely to stray.


What a fascinating dream! Definitely a "get ready" message to your consciousness, and you got it in a secure, protected sleeping space.

Thanks for describing and sharing. You both are wonderful! And good PR channels for the Fae to the rest of us :)


That's neat

lark said:
Sag, it reminds me of a reading I did for you in this thread.

That's neat and very very odd. Explains:

I forgot all about that thread, thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. And guess whose been coming up a lot in my daily draws?

The Faun

The only thing I can somewhat relate this to at all is that my husband and i decided to move our family to Indiana. We won't be going until June of next year, but it's decided, and I'm going to start packing after the holidays are over. (just so I get a good start on it all).

Somehow, the message and dream relating to "moving" seems so .....insignifcant to the feelings I had in the dream. It was more heavy and serious. Yet it did have that feeling of "moving" as I asked if the King and Queen have arranged everything in order yet.

I said it once, and i'll say it again, I'm not so sure I like the faeries secretly training me for something I'm not aware of, much less, am I really aware of their training (or am I?) LOL!

Thank you so much lark for reminding me of that thread and reading! It does seem to relate, and it even feels like what you felt and saw then relates to what is going on now. Think I'm going to do a reading about all of this later. I'll post it in the oracle decks forum though. Very odd indeed...hmmm.

tricky faery tricky faery
who grab you by your toe,
tickle your feet,
sing a beat, and dance along with glee.

I'll tossle you about,
spin you like a top,
and cloud your thoughts with play,

sprinkle dust in your eyes,
And bless you with faery sight.
How tickled you will be for life.

Sagitarian and Ta'om the Poet

Love those faery moments when they inspire you. Hope you all enjoy the song.