~ Dreams of Wild Hair...


Lately I have been dreaming about me and friends of mine having very strange hair. This has been a consistant theme in my dreams, and the thing I really remember from them, for about the last three or four weeks.

In real life the hair on my head is very short, straight and naturally blonde... but in my dreams it is often really long, wild and uncontrolable. Last night I dreamed my room mate had tight, long, frizzy, blonde, curly hair when hers is completely opposite to that. You may have read about my recent blue hair / blue skin dream...

What could it mean???


Maybe the hair is like showing your attitude in general or to something in how you want it to be or how you really are? I dont know but I thought I would take a shot.


Are you going through a period of confusion? Are you worried about something?

Is your sex life confused at the moment? Are you having to suppress your sexual needs for some reason?


*Kayne ponders the implications of this and thinks about how to answer without revealing to much personal information...*

I'll have a think about...


I think you are still using the World Spirit deck too much lol ;)



how did you feel about yourself (and your hair) while in your dream? if good, then it may just be a call to express yourself creatively. if you felt uncomfortable with uncontrollable hair, then you may have a part of your natural self that you are uncomfortable with and denying.
you may be afraid of how you will "appear" to others, if they learn about the true you. is there an important part of you that you feel you have to hide from others? do you feel that you are really opposite of the way you appear?


I think in the dreams when I had wild hair I did feel fine with it, although I know I always noticed it as being different. Spasticgirlie, Diana and Zorya, I think you all have something there... You know... now I think about it... I think I was at work most times I had wild hair... I definately supress parts of my personality at work, they don't know me at all really... hmm...


Hi, Kayne!

I'm not very well-up on dreams, so I reverted to my "Box of Dreams" and it's come up with pretty much what's already been said, but to quote:-

"Hair represents strength and personal power... children's hair was often allowed to grow uncut for long periods of time because it was believed that their hair contributed to their strength... hair has also been a symbol of freedom and status."

From what you say, you specifically relate this to your work situation. It sounds as if you really do want to be able to "let your hair down" in the workplace. Unfortunately, it sounds as though you don't feel your colleagues are quite ready to accept the "real" you, which is a shame. As indicated above, not being able to "be yourself" is taking away some of your personal power and I suspect you're not entirely happy with this. I guess you've got several choices (you or the others can probably come up with more):-

1. Carry on as you are and accept the limitations;
2. Look for something else where you feel you can be yourself from the outset;
3. Work on gradually revealing the parts of yourself you're concealing at a rate you think your colleagues can handle; or
4. Let rip in one go - and enjoy the looks on their faces!

Whatever you decide to do, I feel we spend so much time in the workplace that it's important to feel comfortable with it.

Hope this helps!


I seem to remember that Rudolf Steiner suggested not cutting children's hair till they were seven. I don't remember the reason now, but it had something to do with their spiritual growth.

Hair also can represent our dignity. In prisons, concentration camps, places like that, hair is not only shaved off because of lice. It is also a psychological weapon to remove a person's dignity.


I recently (near) shaved my head and it is still very short... it is since this that I have been having these dreams... could definately be related...