I'm having a lot of weird, vivid dreams lately and I have no idea what to do with them. Some posters here have been kind enough to do tarot readings to help me discover possible meanings, but at the end of the day I have no idea why this is happening now. I usually don't remember my dreams very well.

In the past 2 weeks or so...I had a dream that an invisible hand was writing the word "circle" over and over again on a piece of paper right in front of my face, in handwriting I hadn't seen before. I "felt" a warning about ignoring signs. I had a dream about Venus falling out of the sky. I dreamed I was channeling ancestral rage at a very young version of my mother (younger than I've ever seen her in life). I dreamed that a friend who doesn't read tarot drew the Nine of Swords in a reading for me. I tried to argue with her and tell her it was the Four, but she wouldn't have it. She told me I'd meet a teacher and learn many new things, but she said it very sadly and frankly it was creepy. As she said it my head started to fill with light and pressure.

I feel like my brain isn't "big" enough to properly receive everything. Just last night I had a dream I had stepped into a puddle full of maggots, only upon closer inspection some of them looked to be floating embryos that were growing in the water. I saw a "baby" mouse and tiger among them (I'm a scientist so it bugs me to no end that the tiger "embryo" had striped fur lololol). Like...what, even??

The other night I was doing a reading for someone and I think my crown chakra started to open by itself. I got scared and stopped my deep breathing. I don't do any chakra work at all.


The only thing I can think of that may have brought this on was that I decided to fast for Ramadan this year. I had to stop for health reasons, because I was becoming dehydrated (I'm perfectly fine now) and I live in an incredibly hot and humid climate with 16-hour summer days. Plenty of water and air conditioning are my friend. But I think it may have kickstarted something. Prior to this I would receive the odd random vision or dream on a very sporadic basis, but nothing that felt like it was coming from beyond my subconscious.

Has anyone else gone through a period like this of getting a bunch of weird, intense, discombobulated information through dreams? Did you try lucid dreaming? Were you able to figure out where it all came from?

The Happy Squirrel

I did. For ten years I kept a dream journal and only recently stop recording in my journal as I finally found peace and I stopped dreaming intense, complex, vivid, long winded dreams. I started dreaming in such a way again recently but because I had stopped recording them lately my memories have became less disciplined again and I forgot the dreams almost as soon as I woke up. So I am planning on training myself to rehearse the scenes again as soon as I wake up and not forget them.

It is in fact trying to understand the archetypes which brought me - at least partially - to tarot. My own approach to dreams isn't divinatory but more along the line of Jung. The symbols in your dreams are personal. And to understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you, you need to see it in the context of your daily life which parallels the dreams. At least this is my approach. Our brain is a powerful thing which is only used so very little of its maximum potential (you probably know this). There is scientific observation that informations are processed in what we commonly understand as 'the back of mind' or 'gut' or 'intuition' without passing the 'front of mind' first. Sorry I can't help with interpretation as I don't believe in approaching dreams like that. But I can recommend buying a thick book and fill it with as detailed a descriptions of every dream you have, date it and note it with what was happening around your life at the time and how you feel about it. Fasting for Ramadhan doesn't help I guess. But when you do make sure when you break fast you eat a lot of glucose, protein, and a lot of nutritious food :)


Thanks! I am making efforts to record my dreams so I can do a better job of interpreting the specifics better for myself. I'm finding that upon reflection a few things are starting to make sense. Fasting for Ramadan was a great experience (as it always is) but I need to do it when I have real time to dedicate to absorb what comes with it so that it doesn't become a simple physical trial. I couldn't handle the fast on top of school, an internship and a new job. Sometimes I wish I could take some time away from everything for a while.

The Happy Squirrel

Fasting for Lent and Ramadan or within any other tradition from my understanding is essentially a spiritual exercise. So that if it became purely physical I feel personally that it is of no point. Although I came from a particular angle about these things where the spirit of the law trumps the letter of the law. So that it isn't enough and in fact unproductive to follow the letter of the law as we violate the spirit of if, sometimes - sadly - knowingly so.

My personal believe dictate that fasting as a simple physical trial is of absolutely no point other than to make ourselves feel better because it made us feel like we are doing something.

So I agree :)