Druid Plant Oracle - Fern


This card is so electric with energy. Maybe its the lightening, maybe its the idea of those ferns uncurling and throwing invisible spores out into the world, or maybe its just me lol.
The lightening strikes, like a gift from the gods its the power of life, the gift of fire that the gods gave us and turn darkness into light. Its such a wonderful card.
A friend of mine from New Zealand helped me a while ago understand a little more about these little plants. In New Zealand the plants of the dinosaurs still grow tall and strong, that the land knows and remembers the dinosaurs and these plants vibrate their power around us. That power transcends time and space - fern reminds us that power was powerful way before we existed and could give it a name etc. Tis very humbling that Gaia does and did what ever she wanted and we are just the ants on her skin...

But yeah, waffling on lol.

Today I pulled Fern as my daily card and Ive felt such a connection. When i've spoken to people I feel the words they are speaking, rather than just responding to them on a superfical level. I dont know if that is a good way to be every day (like a clairvoyant and having sensoral overload) but today it felt very positive :) Helped me and hopefully helped others. Why do I feel like this? Well thats the mystery! why do I feel like this at times and not others? Why do i connect with some and not others? But thats all part of the mystery... and maybe like the ferns uncurling, I have given people seeds of hope or happiness without even my knowing.

Im sort of waffling with the power, but it needs to ground, needs words and time to rationalise it... ah sod it lol.


Hi. 'Sod it' indeed! The stems of some ferns bed down in the earth (the sod) and so a single plant can spread and cover vast areas. Although most ferns reproduce sexually via spores etc, others clone themselves and spread out over acres. There's no stopping 'em. How very vibrant & energetically alive!

Have you noticed the lightning is Awen-shaped?!
Blessings - Starshower. /l\

Luna's Crone

I am very familar with fern. It doesn't grow much in populated farm areas. but i camp alot in the mountains and ride my horse alot there. and ferns are everywhere, but more likely to be found in shade than direct sunlight.

it feels very sacred very spiritual, very cyclic. The lightening renews the energy and the water returns the rain to the ocean.

I wish i could sleep there overnight. Very restful. Very peaceful yet very dynamic.