Druid Plant Oracle SG - Lady's Mantle


Ive drawn this as my daily card today and I felt that writing here in a study group kinda way might help me process my thoughts on this card.

Here we have a very feminine plant, look at the way the leaf recieves the dew and holds that precious dewdrop safely in place and securely as if it was a priceless pearl. I feel it suggests that the its those captured precious moments that we 'recieve' rather than seek out are sometimes more precious than all the money and all our material stuff. What do I mean sometimes? I mean every time ! (unless its me coverting the new Transparent Tarot lol)
But having said that the stalk and flowers are so direct and 'masculine' Not all of this Lady is sheepish and all 'seen and not heard'. The flowers are calling for bees and insects, its leaves are calling for us incase we need to shelter under its protection. If i was a faery I would spend a lot of my time taking the leaf off the stalk and using it as a cape.. or literally a mantle lol.

Am I right in thinking a mantle is like a cloak? or more like a veil?

The Sheela-na-gig is such a powerful symbol especially to modern women who spend no time getting to know their 'lady bits'. So I'm not going to open my wide for the world to see but it reminds us to connect and know our bodies, to not be ashamed of them be it when we are bleeding or post-childbirth.

There is rain in the air with this card....plenty more drops to scry into and find our truth.

Has this helped me work out my daily card reading? Hmm a little. I think Im a bit PMT, yesterday my energy levels plummetted and today I have sore boobs (is this too much info yet? LOL) so perhaps I need to meditate and sip the dew drops from the flower in my Inner Forest. I dont think I have any lady's mantle near me.

SO whats your thoughts folks?

Luna's Crone

are wild roses significant in this card? And i don't see the stalks as masculine but strong and feminine