Druid Plant Oracle - The Restorers


This is one of three cards that arent plant specific, the other two are the Banes and the Guardians.

I love the picture of this card. This is the archetypal herbalist in my head, the one who I wanted to learn from as a child, who I could go to at the edge of the forest and find how the animals come to here for herbal aid when feeling bad - as well as the local community.

Her earthy colours of green and red, remind me of Brighid, a goddess of healing. And so when we need restoring, by the flames of her fire or by the waters of the stream in the background we can go to her in our dreams and meditations. She's always open and always got something brewing for you :)
Theres just a whole feeling of respite and healing, the scenary alone could restore your vitality and strength before you get to the herbal tinctures she makes :D

There are 3 plants in this card, roseroot, st johns wort and valerian. I dont know very much of roseroot, but St Johns Wort is one I grow and I just love. Infact I cant believe it didnt get its own card because of how wonderful it is and the history that runs with it. Valerian is another herb I have taken when I've had stressful times and its worked wonderfully - especially when I can worry and go into burn out, it takes me back to its rooted powers and lets me sleep.

So rather than a miracle worker like we might see healers in modern times, the druid restorer just helps us find out connection to ourselves and our land. I would love to spend a weekend at this bothy for a retreat!

This is such a stunning card, and reminds me that whilst the plants can help us so much with healing, we have to give ourselves the time and space for that healing to work. Time for the magic of the plants and nature to bring us back to wholeness.
I think its good to keep in mind how nature has always had these plants to combat stress. I guess I always think of stress as a fairly modern invention but humans in whatever lifestyle will feel stressed, and nature blesses us with the herbs to bring us back into balance and revitalised.

I havent even started to go into the depths of this card. This is one I will need to go back to again and again in my own healing and restoration


Im just looking at the card again..

the St john's wort flowers are like Daffodils, heralding the light into our minds and hearts when the darkness feels overwhelming. Its like a shooting star when all seems black. It doesnt change how we feel, it doesnt take away the problems but it gives us light to examine it fully - for darkness breeds fear.

The Rosewort and Valerian flowers are like bursting with radiance.. so when we feel run down it its boosting flower heads give us that boost we need.. Surprising as I always think of valerian root, rather than flowers for healing.

Luna's Crone

This is a beautiful card. I may print it out and put it on the wall above my kitchen altar. I used it for years. and for some reason, a few weeks ago, I decided that it wasn't helping, but i am definitely wrong. so will definitly get some. it also helps with inflamation and the pain from that has gotten worse. I have never heard of rosewort will have to look that up.

when i was younger i used kava kava and st. john's wort for my anxiety, panic, and add. It did take the edge off. But if came out that kava kava was adictive and for years could not find it.

Now i can buy it but can't afford it. sigh.