Druid Plant Oracle - Vervain


Ive picked this card today and I just love love LOVE vervain energy. My little plant has the tiniest of pinky purple flowers at the moment and it warms my heart to see them.
As vervain has a lot of associations with the Druids, I sort of assumed it would feel very masculine, but infact as I work more with Vervain I can feel its very loving feminine energy. Its hard working, hard wearing little plant that just gives and gives. In a lot of ways its like a womans archetype - of those women that work all day between a job and motherhood, and come home to do the housework and all the odd jobs. In fact, I can see this plant as one for hard working folk that need to remember they deserve rewards and to ask for time off at times.

The card has the Hare and honey.. to me the hare is that frantic lunar energy, rather than the Mother Goddess that seems serene or blissful. Its chaotic but loving. I like that :) The honey not only reflects that you might need a reward, but also that hardwork brings its own rewards. Its a reminder of that sacred repriocity that we have with nature. We should only offer what the plant will like and leaves no marks - ie not coins or tea light tins.

So for me vervain is a grounding plant of a very modern lifestyle. It lets us enjoy and be modern without guilt, that windy part of its energy, whilst keeping it grounded for the benefit of ourselves and others.

What you think ?

Luna's Crone

I like it. I am new to this oracle and plants in general especially since i am from the usa.