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The post about other types of divination provoked memories of different types of divination I explored when I was about 15ish... And I remembered my Druid Sticks... I found the ones I made and the Book of Shadows I had at the time that go with them. I remember being amazed at the accuracy of using them and I now think they would be a great support with a tarot reading...

I scanned the Druid Sticks and the notes I did to go with them... They are four flat sticks with two marks or dots on one side and one on the other. When shuffled and spread so they fall together (see the attached pic) they for a pattern which is interpreted... I don't actually remember all the finer points of the meanings (eg "The Dragon's Head") but do remember "The Joy is like a rainbow...

Does anyone know the history or any information about them? Man, I wish I still had the book that I got this info from...

I had to make the pic smaller to upload it which has made the writing hard to read so it says...

  • The Way
  • The Dragon's Head
  • The Girl
  • The Sadness
  • The Boy
  • The Gain
  • The Prison
  • Major Fortune
  • The Dragon's Tail
  • The Union
  • The Loss
  • The White
  • The Minor Misfortune
  • The Red
  • The Joy
  • The People


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Here is a .jpg of the cover of one Celtic Druid Divination Book using the Sticks. Can be found at Amazon for about $18.

Hope this helps.


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