Druidcraft 6 of wands


This is what I have so far78 weeks 6 of wands Druidcraft

Horse: Speed, traditionally the horse is one of the main reasons the Celts conquered a lot of Europe
Falcon: Farsighted
Man on Horse back: Leader, wise man

Number and Element:
6’s are about Harmony and balance
Fire is about community, willpower, spiritual energy

Golden Dawn References
Days: August 2 to August 13
Traditional Golden Dawn name: Lord of victory

Sphere on the Tree of Life
Sphere 6 Tipheret. In the flush of success, the victors celebrate their achievement and their satisfaction after their long struggle. For the present at least, they feel whole.

Jupiter in Leo. Upon attaining long-sought goals, we feel a heady rush of pleasure and confidence (Leo) as we receive the universe’s bounty (Jupiter).

Bringing it all together: With 6 and fire we get the the unseen energy in harmony . With the man on horse back plus the falcon this is a lot about will power and making things happen. The traditional GD name fits well with this elements as well as the tree of life references. On the bad side this person can be a end justifies the means type of person. and also can be ego-maniacal.

Possible Definitions

Good: Victory over self or others through self mastery and a strong will. I see this card as a great leader more then a tyrant

Bad: Can be tyrant but more likely a person driven by his r her own ego can step on many toes.

Indifferent: things are moving forward.

I would love to know what these guys have on there sprers. Looks like rabbits. I see the falcon as far sighted I am not sure if that fits the celtic defination though.

ps that guy needs to walk a bit he has a bear belly!


LOL Those aren't rabbits... they are heads. In one book I read, the severed heads of enemies were soaked in cedar oil, hung in the rafters and smoked to preserve them. But the neat thing was those were "talking heads", because they were dead, they had access to other world knowledge and if you asked them questions, they could not lie. So they were pretty useful to find out what your enemies were up to or finding out things you needed to know, which would go with the falcon idea of far sightedness, this would give you allow you to see what you wouldn't able to do otherwise.

This card shows the victors and their prizes... not so good for the vanquished.
One of the meanings for this card that has stuck with me, is the it's the difference between individual battles and the war. This one is winning enough of the battles to win the war.


bear belly

That bear/beer belly has been bothering me for a long time. It seems wrong to have been in battle and be that stout. He is the victor, but it must be because he was the leader and not because he fought in the battle. So, this could be a card about teamwork because he couldn't have done it alone. I like the face on the last little guy. :) He is very proud of the job well done. All the men look weary, but satisfied.(they sure are following close behind that horse!) and what about the red cloak? It certainly stands out.
Waleswoman, would the head in the rafters on the Fferyllt card be a 'talking head' or maybe it's just a mask. Hh


I don't think they've been in battle at all. None of them are carrying weapons or wearing armour, the fat man on the horse (he looks like John Falstaff to me!) isn't riding with stirrups, and I'm not sure he has a saddle though there is a collar of sorts. Plus you wouldn't take a falcon into battle. I see the scene much more as a return from a very successful day's hunting, with and mysterious objects on top of the wands as pairs of game birds killed by the falcon.