DruidCraft-no 10 of Cups?


Sitting outside after a storm is a happy family. The rainbow shows that this is truly the way our lives can be. I love the way the father looks at the older child. He has that look of parental wonder we get as we think about all the potentials and possibilities for our children.

But this is the only cup card that doesn't have cups, but has vessels. What do you suppose the reason for this difference? The 9 has brass goblets but these look like clay jugs. The clay may signify the earth and the solidity of this family.
Why not make clay goblets, then?

Any thoughts? Hh


Hmm... wonder if it has anything to do with women being vessels, which is how the members of that family were born into being in the first place. Thanks for pointing this out, Horace. I'd never noticed it before!



I've had this deck for a couple years and the fact that the cups are clay vessels never got my attention. I had to think about it for a bit, but what is clay but the combination of earth & water, cured by air and transformed by fire into something that is useable, durable and something more than what it began as.

That seems like a really good analogy for the 10 of Cups, withstanding all the things that life throws at you and making it, finding completion, joy and creating the future.



Yes, as in clay bricks. Useable, durable, and the makings for solid future.

I ended up for hours on the Sacred Texts site. LOL So I do believe these were meant to be vessels. and it made me even more curious about the progression from the goblets for the contentment of my guests in the 9 of Cups to the vessels for the contentment of my family in the ten of Cups. What do I have to do to attain that goal? Maybe that isn't an Innkeeper or a Host in the 9 of Cups.
Maybe that is the father of the 'Prodigal Son'... Hh


I had to delete my post as i need to go over this card again