Druidcraft Study of Colors and Symbols (discussion thread)

crazy raven

Hi Everyone,

There's has been a wonderful reponse to start a colors and symbols thread for the Druidcraft Tarot cards. The colors in this deck truly have a voice of their own.

I'm going to ask Sulis if she'll create a section with the above title, so anything pertaining to colors and symbolism can be added to it.

Join in won't you? Let's share and learn together.

crazy raven :)


Sounds great! I'm looking forward to this.


What a good idea.

I've added a new section to the index thread just below the Minor Arcana cards titled 'COLOURS AND SYMBOLS'.

I think it would work best if we have this as the discussion thread of the section and start a new thread for each new discussion (ie for the discussion of each colour or symbol)... That way everything is easily accessible and we won't end up with one long, rambling thread that's difficult to find things in.
Just let me know when a new thread is started and I'll index it :).

Sulis - Study Groups moderator