DruidCraft Tarot - 8 of wands


78 weeks 8 of wands

Element and number:
Fire: Energy, Willpower, Ideas
Eight: movement solitary success
Golden dawn References:
GD Name Lord of swiftness
Days: Nov 23rd -Dec 2nd
S p h e re 8
Hod. For the moment the thought obscuring clouds have parted and you are able to think and plan with remarkable clarity and speed.

Mercury in Sagittarius. The far-ranging and expansive effects (Sagittarius) which are felt when your mind is working at its peak capacity (Mercury). Many books also say mercury is a detriment is mercury because all this energies will be disbanded quickly with the archer pointing elsewhere.

Bringing it all together:
Mercury, Fire, #8, the picture all remind us why this is the card is called lord of swiftness. The youth and the fact that the javelin will fall equally fast reminds us this will go as quick as it comes and it can lack direction. The archer is key in this s Sagittarius is directing the energy outward with direction but also the quickness of mercury will be disbanded fast as well.
Possible meanings
Good : ideas are finally hitting earth this are moving fast towards a conclusion.
Bad: mind is scattered, lack of direction. Energy can disband quickly the fire will go out.
Indifferent: Movement, Fast conclusion.


Here are a couple other ideas for this card.

Aim high and follow through, throw yourself into it.

In today's workplace, it's best to shoot for a lot of things, diversify your interests.

But it also could be scattered energies.

Or don't give up if you miss the target the first time, keep trying until you hit your mark.


I drew this card yesterday in my daily draw...from the day I had here are some thoughts on what it represented to me:

A bolt from the blue/ unexpected, shocking news
Frustration, wanting to throw something at the wall
A "sorry you were out" card from the post man
A situation developing quickly

I thought it might be nice to see some "mundane" meanings for this card.

IMO it is a beautiful card, I love the colour of the sky, it is such a gorgeous blue. I can almost hear the wind blowing and ruffling the grass. I'm normally a bit "meh" with this card in most decks, so this was a pleasant surprise!

nellie juson

Has anyone noticed the posture/balance of the young man? He looks like after the exertion of throwing the wand he will fall over....